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   Kinosternon hirtipes (Big Bend Mud Turtle) 

Broader Terms:
   Kinosternon (Jalisco Mud Turtle) 
   Testudines (terrapins) 

More Specific:
   Kinosternon hirtipes chapalaense 
   Kinosternon hirtipes chapalense 
   Kinosternon hirtipes hirtipes (valley of mexico mud turtle) 
   Kinosternon hirtipes magdalense 
   Kinosternon hirtipes megacephalum 
   Kinosternon hirtipes murrayi (BigBend Mud Turtle) 
   Kinosternon hirtipes tarascae 
   Kinosternon hirtipes tarascense 
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Common Names: murrayi: Big Bend Mud Turtle, Mexican Plateau Mud, Mexican rough-footed mud turtle, Mexican mud turtle, Big Bend Mud Turtle, MexicanRoughfoot Mud Turtle, mexican (rough-footed) mud turtle, Tortuga-pecho quebrado pata rugosa, Mexican Mud Turtle, Rough-footed Mud Turtle

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2.  Physiological and behavioral variation in estivation among mud turtles (Kinosternon spp.).LinkIT
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3.  Structure of shells from eggs of kinosternid turtles.LinkIT
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