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   Kinorhyncha (kinorhynchs) 

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   Animalia (animals) 
   Kinorhyncha (kinorhynchs) 

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Common Names: kinorhynchs, quinorrinco

11.  Mitochondrial Genomes of Kinorhyncha: trnM Duplication and New Gene Orders within Animals.LinkIT
Popova OV, Mikhailov KV, Nikitin MA, Logacheva MD, Penin AA, Muntyan MS, Kedrova OS, Petrov NB, Panchin YV, Aleoshin VV
PloS one, 2016

12.  Two New Echinoderes Species (Echinoderidae, Cyclorhagida, Kinorhyncha) from Nha Trang, Vietnam.LinkIT
Yamasaki H
Zoological studies, 2016

13.  Two new species of Echinoderes (Kinorhyncha, Cyclorhagida), E. romanoi sp. n. and E. joyceae sp. n., from the Gulf of Mexico.LinkIT
Landers SC, Sørensen MV
ZooKeys, 2016

14.  Armored kinorhynch-like scalidophoran animals from the early Cambrian.LinkIT
Zhang H, Xiao S, Liu Y, Yuan X, Wan B, Muscente AD, Shao T, Gong H, Cao G
Scientific reports, 2015

15.  A low-cost technique to manufacture a container to process meiofauna for scanning electron microscopy.LinkIT
Abolafia J
Microscopy research and technique, 2015

16.  Fine Structure of the Integumentary Cuticles and Alimentary Tissues of Pycnophyid Kinorhynchs Pycnophyes oshoroensis and Kinorhynchus yushini (Kinorhyncha, Homalorhagida).LinkIT
Hirose E, Yamasaki H
Zoological science, 2015

17.  Phylogeny of Kinorhyncha Based on Morphology and Two Molecular Loci.LinkIT
Sørensen MV, Dal Zotto M, Rho HS, Herranz M, Sánchez N, Pardos F, Yamasaki H
PloS one, 2015

18.  Phylogenetic position of Loricifera inferred from nearly complete 18S and 28S rRNA gene sequences.LinkIT
Yamasaki H, Fujimoto S, Miyazaki K
Zoological letters, 2015

19.  Two new species of Dracoderes (Kinorhyncha: Dracoderidae) from the Ryukyu Islands, Japan, with a molecular phylogeny of the genus.LinkIT
Yamasaki H
Zootaxa, 2015

20.  Redescription of Cateria gerlachi (Kinorhyncha, Cyclorhagida) from Sri Lanka and of C. styx from Brazil, with notes on C. gerlachi from India and C. styx from Chile, and the ground pattern of the genus.LinkIT
Neuhaus B, Kegel A
Zootaxa, 2015