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1.  Mitochondrial Genome of Palpitomonas bilix: Derived Genome Structure and Ancestral System for Cytochrome c Maturation.LinkIT
Nishimura Y, Tanifuji G, Kamikawa R, Yabuki A, Hashimoto T, Inagaki Y
Genome biology and evolution, 2016

2.  Palpitomonas bilix represents a basal cryptist lineage: insight into the character evolution in Cryptista.LinkIT
Yabuki A, Kamikawa R, Ishikawa SA, Kolisko M, Kim E, Tanabe AS, Kume K, Ishida K, Inagki Y
Scientific reports, 2014

3.  Fine structure of Telonema subtilis Griessmann, 1913: a flagellate with a unique cytoskeletal structure among eukaryotes.LinkIT
Yabuki A, Eikrem W, Takishita K, Patterson DJ
Protist, 2013

4.  Present status of the molecular ecology of kathablepharids.LinkIT
Slapeta J, López-García P, Moreira D
Protist, 2006

5.  Bacterivory by heterotrophic flagellates: community structure and feeding strategies.LinkIT
Boenigk J, Arndt H
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 2002

6.  Systematics of the enigmatic kathablepharids, including EM characterization of the type species, Kathablepharis phoenikoston, and new observations on K. remigera comb.nov.LinkIT
Clay B, Kugrens P
Protist, 1999