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   Eigenmannia virescens (Glass knifefish) 

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11.  Mutually opposing forces during locomotion can eliminate the tradeoff between maneuverability and stability.LinkIT
Sefati S, Neveln ID, Roth E, Mitchell TR, Snyder JB, Maciver MA, Fortune ES, Cowan NJ
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2013

12.  Closed-loop stabilization of the Jamming Avoidance Response reveals its locally unstable and globally nonlinear dynamics.LinkIT
Madhav MS, Stamper SA, Fortune ES, Cowan NJ
The Journal of experimental biology, 2013

13.  A sodium-activated potassium channel supports high-frequency firing and reduces energetic costs during rapid modulations of action potential amplitude.LinkIT
Markham MR, Kaczmarek LK, Zakon HH
Journal of neurophysiology, 2013

14.  Beyond the Jamming Avoidance Response: weakly electric fish respond to the envelope of social electrosensory signals.LinkIT
Stamper SA, Madhav MS, Cowan NJ, Fortune ES
The Journal of experimental biology, 2012

15.  Energetic constraints on electric signalling in wave-type weakly electric fishes.LinkIT
Reardon EE, Parisi A, Krahe R, Chapman LJ
The Journal of experimental biology, 2011

16.  Two new species of Parspina Pearse, 1920 (Digenea: Cryptogonimidae) from freshwater fishes (Gymnotiformes) of the Paraná River basin in Argentina.LinkIT
de Núñez MC, Arredondo NJ, de Pertierra AA
Systematic parasitology, 2011

17.  Stimulus predictability mediates a switch in locomotor smooth pursuit performance for Eigenmannia virescens.LinkIT
Roth E, Zhuang K, Stamper SA, Fortune ES, Cowan NJ
The Journal of experimental biology, 2011

18.  Cytogenetic studies in Eigenmannia virescens (Sternopygidae, Gymnotiformes) and new inferences on the origin of sex chromosomes in the Eigenmannia genus.LinkIT
Silva DS, Milhomem SS, Pieczarka JC, Nagamachi CY
BMC genetics, 2009

19.  Ontogeny and evolution of electric organs in gymnotiform fish.LinkIT
Kirschbaum F, Schwassmann HO
Journal of physiology, Paris, 2009

20.  Non-homologous sex chromosomes in two species of the genus Eigenmannia (Teleostei: Gymnotiformes).LinkIT
Henning F, Trifonov V, Ferguson-Smith MA, de Almeida-Toledo LF
Cytogenetic and genome research, 2008