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   Isoodon obesulus (Southern Brown Bandicoot) 

Broader Terms:
   Isoodon (short-nosed bandicoots) 
   Peramelemorphia (Bandicoots) 

More Specific:
   Isoodon obesulus affinis 
   Isoodon obesulus fusciventer (Quenda) 
   Isoodon obesulus nautica 
   Isoodon obesulus nauticus (Southern Brown Bandicoot) 
   Isoodon obesulus obesulus (Southern Brown Bandicoot) 
   Isoodon obesulus peninsulae (Southern Brown Bandicoot) 
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Common Names: Southern Brown Bandicoot, Quenda, Gewone kortneusbuideldas

1.  Elucidating Patterns in the Occurrence of Threatened Ground-Dwelling Marsupials Using Camera-Traps.LinkIT
Claridge AW, Paull DJ, Welbourne DJ
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2.  Anthropozoonotic significance, risk factors and spatial distribution of Giardia spp. infections in quenda (Isoodon obesulus) in the greater Perth region, Western Australia.LinkIT
Hillman AE, Ash AL, Lymbery AJ, Thompson RCA
International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife, 2019

3.  Skin structure in newborn marsupials with focus on cutaneous gas exchange.LinkIT
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4.  Molecular surveillance of piroplasms in ticks from small and medium-sized urban and peri-urban mammals in Australia.LinkIT
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5.  Demographic and genetic viability of a medium-sized ground-dwelling mammal in a fire prone, rapidly urbanizing landscape.LinkIT
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6.  Urban environments alter parasite fauna, weight and reproductive activity in the quenda (Isoodon obesulus).LinkIT
Hillman AE, Lymbery AJ, Elliot AD, Andrew Thompson RC
The Science of the total environment, 2017

7.  Morphological and molecular description of Ixodes woyliei n. sp. (Ixodidae) with consideration for co-extinction with its critically endangered marsupial host.LinkIT
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Parasites & vectors, 2017

8.  Validation of various parasite detection tests for use in the Australian marsupials quenda ( Isoodon obesulus) and brushtail possums ( Trichosurus vulpecula).LinkIT
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10.  Comparative Population Genetic Structure of the Endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot, Isoodon obesulus, in Fragmented Landscapes of Southern Australia.LinkIT
Li Y, Cooper SJ, Lancaster ML, Packer JG, Carthew SM
PloS one, 2016