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   Argyreia nervosa (elephant creeper) 
   Argyreia speciosa 
   Convolvulus speciosus (elephant creeper) 
   Ipomoea speciosa 

Broader Terms:
   Convolvulus (Bindweeds) 
   Ipomoea (Morning Glory) 
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Recreational use of D-lysergamide from the seeds of Argyreia nervosa, Ipomo... - PubMed: species
Elephant Creeper, Argyreia nervosa....Bạc Thau, Thảo Bạc tím .....#5 - PLANT [directory] ?? Photo Pool

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Common Names: elephant creeper

11.  Ameliorative potential of Argyreia speciosa against CCI-induced neuropathic pain in rats: Biochemical and histopathological studies.LinkIT
Singh H, Kaur J, Arora R, Mannan R, Buttar HS, Arora S, Singh B
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2020

12.  Biomedical analysis of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) of natural origin.LinkIT
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13.  Wound Healing Activity of Plants from the Convolvulaceae Family.LinkIT
Ambika AP, Nair SN
Advances in wound care, 2019

14.  Pollination niche availability facilitates colonization of Guettarda speciosa with heteromorphic self-incompatibility on oceanic islands.LinkIT
Xu Y, Luo Z, Gao S, Zhang D
Scientific reports, 2018

15.  Argyreia nervosa exposures reported to Texas poison centers.LinkIT
Forrester MB
Journal of addictive diseases, 2020

16.  Herbal Highs: Review on Psychoactive Effects and Neuropharmacology.LinkIT
Graziano S, Orsolini L, Rotolo MC, Tittarelli R, Schifano F, Pichini S
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17.  Effects of Five Bangladeshi Plant Extracts on In vitro Thrombolysis and Cytotoxicity.LinkIT
Dash R, Emran TB, Paul A, Siddique MK, Khan MA, Rahman MG, Sarwar MS, Nasir Uddin MM
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18.  Evaluation of Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Extract of Holoptelea Integrifolia and Argyreia Speciosa in Animal Models.LinkIT
Lalan BK, Hiray RS, Ghongane BB
Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR, 2015

19.  Phylogenetic and chemotypic diversity of Periglandula species in eight new morning glory hosts (Convolvulaceae).LinkIT
Beaulieu WT, Panaccione DG, Ryan KL, Kaonongbua W, Clay K
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20.  Phytochemical investigation of natural and in vitro raised V?ddhad?ruka plants.LinkIT
Bharati AJ, Bansal YK
Ancient science of life, 2015