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31.  Toward h-BN/GaN Schottky Diodes: Spectroscopic Study on the Electronic Phenomena at the Interface.LinkIT
Zdanowicz E, Herman AP, Opo?czy?ska K, Gorantla S, Olszewski W, Serafi?czuk J, Hommel D, Kudrawiec R
ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2022

32.  Design and implementation of a highly integrated dual hemisphere capsule robot.LinkIT
Zhang Y, Liu X, Liu G, Ji X, Yang H, Liu Z
Biomedical microdevices, 2022

33.  Risk Factors of Dengue Fever in Urban Areas of Rawalpindi District in Pakistan During 2017: A Case Control Study.LinkIT
Awan NJ, Chaudhry A, Hussain Z, Baig ZI, Baig MA, Asghar RJ, Khader Y, Ikram A
JMIR public health and surveillance, 2022

34.  A hybrid optimization strategy for deliverable Intensity-modulated radiotherapy plan generation using deep learning-based dose prediction.LinkIT
Sun Z, Xia X, Fan J, Zhao J, Zhang K, Wang J, Hu W
Medical physics, 2022

35.  Kekulé Lattice in Graphdiyne: Coexistence of Phononic and Electronic Second-Order Topological Insulator.LinkIT
Mu H, Liu B, Hu T, Wang Z
Nano letters, 2022

36.  Multiframe Imaging of Micron and Nanoscale Bubble Dynamics.LinkIT
Egan GC, Lau EY, Schwegler E
Nano letters, 2022

37.  A 2-year locomotive exploration and scientific investigation of the lunar farside by the Yutu-2 rover.LinkIT
Ding L, Zhou R, Yuan Y, Yang H, Li J, Yu T, Liu C, Wang J, Li S, Gao H, Deng Z, Li N, Wang Z, Gong Z, Liu G, Xie J, Wang S, Rong Z, Deng D, Wang X, Han S, Wan W, Richter L, Huang L, Gou S, Liu Z, Yu H, Jia Y, Chen B, Dang Z, Zhang K, Li L, He X, Liu S, Di K
Science robotics, 2022

38.  Value of artificial intelligence with novel tumor tracking technology in the diagnosis of gastric submucosal tumors by contrast-enhanced harmonic endoscopic ultrasonography.LinkIT
Tanaka H, Kamata K, Ishihara R, Handa H, Otsuka Y, Yoshida A, Yoshikawa T, Ishikawa R, Okamoto A, Yamazaki T, Nakai A, Omoto S, Minaga K, Yamao K, Takenaka M, Watanabe T, Nishida N, Kudo M
Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, 2022

39.  Physical simulation study on grouting water plugging of flexible isolation layer in coal seam mining.LinkIT
Li A, Ji B, Ma Q, Ji Y, Mu Q, Zhang W, Mu P, Li L, Zhao C
Scientific reports, 2022

40.  The Neglected Role of Education in Brazilian Research Regarding Nuclear Theme versus Scientific and Technological Knowledge, Perception and Risk Communication.LinkIT
Ayllón RM, Castro AA, Romero FC, Leite LOC, Farias LA
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, 2022