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151.  All-inside arthroscopic repair of the anterior talofibular ligament: a case series.LinkIT
Nunes GA, Ferreira GF, Caetano RM, Mann TS, Guelfi M
International orthopaedics, 2022

152.  A portable magnet for radiation biology and dosimetry studies in magnetic fields.LinkIT
Causer TJ, Rosenfeld AB, Metcalfe PE, Oborn BM
Medical physics, 2022

153.  Structural basis of prokaryotic ubiquitin-like protein engagement and translocation by the mycobacterial Mpa-proteasome complex.LinkIT
Kavalchuk M, Jomaa A, Müller AU, Weber-Ban E
Nature communications, 2022

154.  Manipulation and control of droplets on surfaces in a homogeneous electric field.LinkIT
Hartmann J, Schür MT, Hardt S
Nature communications, 2022

155.  Mutation bias reflects natural selection in Arabidopsis thaliana.LinkIT
Monroe JG, Srikant T, Carbonell-Bejerano P, Becker C, Lensink M, Exposito-Alonso M, Klein M, Hildebrandt J, Neumann M, Kliebenstein D, Weng ML, Imbert E, Ågren J, Rutter MT, Fenster CB, Weigel D
Nature, 2022

156.  Synthesis and antiplasmodial activity of regioisomers and epimers of second-generation dual acting ivermectin hybrids.LinkIT
Singh L, Fontinha D, Francisco D, Prudêncio M, Singh K
Scientific reports, 2022

157.  Perception of the COVID-19 pandemic among people with spinal cord injury: an Italian survey.LinkIT
Righi G, Baroni E, Righi L, Belloni L, Del Popolo G
Spinal cord series and cases, 2022

158.  Measuring stimulus-evoked neurophysiological differentiation in distinct populations of neurons in mouse visual cortex.LinkIT
Mayner WGP, Marshall W, Billeh YN, Gandhi SR, Caldejon S, Cho A, Griffin F, Hancock N, Lambert S, Lee EK, Luviano JA, Mace K, Nayan C, Nguyen TV, North K, Seid S, Williford A, Cirelli C, Groblewski PA, Lecoq J, Tononi G, Koch C, Arkhipov A
eNeuro, 2022

159.  Photo-Oxygenation: An Innovative New Therapeutic Approach Against Amyloidoses.LinkIT
Ikeda T, Hori Y, Sohma Y, Kanai M, Tomita T
Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 2021

160.  Attitudes and Smoking Prevalence Among Undergraduate Students in Central Greece.LinkIT
Papagiannis D, Malli F, Papathanasiou IV, Routis P, Fradelos E, Kontopoulou L, Rachiotis G, Gourgoulianis KI
Advances in experimental medicine and biology, 2021