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1.  Inside front cover.LinkIT
Nanoscale horizons, 2020

2.  Inside front cover.LinkIT
The Analyst, 2020

3.  Raspberry Pi implemented with MATLAB simulation and communication of physiological signal-based fast chaff point (RPSC) generation algorithm for WBAN systems.LinkIT
Munivel KV, Samraj T
Biomedizinische Technik. Biomedical engineering, 2020

4.  From Inquilines to Gall Inducers: Genomic Signature of a Life-style Transition in Synergus Gall Wasps.LinkIT
Gobbo E, Lartillot N, Hearn J, Stone GN, Abe Y, Wheat CW, Ide T, Ronquist F
Genome biology and evolution, 2020

5.  Inside front cover.LinkIT
Nanoscale horizons, 2020

6.  Inside the black box of comparative national healthcare performance in 35 OECD countries: Issues of culture, systems performance and sustainability.LinkIT
Braithwaite J, Tran Y, Ellis LA, Westbrook J
PloS one, 2020

7.  Polyphyletic origin, intracellular invasion, and meiotic genes in the putatively asexual agamococcidians (Apicomplexa incertae sedis).LinkIT
Miroliubova TS, Simdyanov TG, Mikhailov KV, Aleoshin VV, Janou?kovec J, Belova PA, Paskerova GG
Scientific reports, 2020

8.  An investigation of the effects of walking frame height and width on walking stability.LinkIT
Thies SB, Russell R, Al-Ani A, Belet T, Bates A, Costamagna E, Kenney L, Howard D
Gait & posture, 2020

9.  Directional ablation in radiofrequency ablation using a multi-tine electrode functioning in multipolar mode: An in-silico study using a finite set of states.LinkIT
Dhiman M, Kumawat AK, Ramjee Repaka
Computers in biology and medicine, 2020

10.  Compliance with Smoke-Free Policy and Challenges in Implementation: Evidence from Bengkulu, Indonesia.LinkIT
Yunarman S, Zarkani A, Walid A, Ahsan A, Kusuma D
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP, 2020