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   Hyla (treefrogs) 
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Common Names: Benitez's treefrog

1.  The mechanics of air-breathing in gray tree frog tadpoles, Hyla versicolor LeConte, 1825 (Anura: Hylidae).LinkIT
Phillips JR, Hewes AE, Schwenk K
The Journal of experimental biology, 2020

2.  Comment on "Bioaccumulation of Methyl Siloxanes in Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and in an Estuarine Food Web in Northeastern China".LinkIT
Kim J, Woodburn K, Coady K, Xu S, Durham J, Seston R
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2020

3.  Liver Transcriptome Changes of Hyla Rabbit in Response to Chronic Heat Stress.LinkIT
Wu ZL, Yang X, Chen SY, Deng FL, Jia XB, Hu SQ, Wang J, Lai SJ
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2019

4.  Vessel Detection and Tracking Method Based on Video Surveillance.LinkIT
Wawrzyniak N, Hyla T, Popik A
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

5.  Distinguishing Anuran species by high-resolution melting analysis of the COI barcode (COI-HRM).LinkIT
Everman S, Wang SY
Ecology and evolution, 2019

6.  Performance of Halloysite-Mg/Al LDH Materials for Aqueous As(V) and Cr(VI) Removal.LinkIT
Matusik J, Hyla J, Maziarz P, Rybka K, Leiviskä T
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

7.  Parasite-induced vulnerability to predation in larval anurans.LinkIT
DeBlieux TS, Hoverman JT
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2019

8.  Predicting species occurrences with habitat network models.LinkIT
Ortiz-Rodríguez DO, Guisan A, Holderegger R, van Strien MJ
Ecology and evolution, 2019

9.  Studies on isolation and inhibitory effect on food-borne pathogens from raw milk in Egypt by natural oils.LinkIT
Ahmed Ebaya MM, Al-Ashmawy MAM, El-Sokkary MM, Abd El Galil KH, Barwa RM
Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 2019

10.  [Chilean strains of clinical origin of non-O1, non-O139 Vibrio cholerae carry the genes vcsN2, vcsC2, vcsV2, vspD, toxR2 y vopF from secretion system T3SS2 present in an island of pathogenicity].LinkIT
Ulloa MT, Sanhueza C, Henríquez T, Aguayo B, Hermosilla G, Porte L, Dabanch J, Braun S, Fica A, Briceño I, Osorio CG
Revista chilena de infectologia : organo oficial de la Sociedad Chilena de Infectologia, 2019