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   Hyla (treefrogs) 

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81.  pH-Dependent Behavior of Novel Gellan Beads Loaded with Naproxen.LinkIT
Osmalek T, Froelich A, Milanowski B, Bialas M, Hyla K, Szybowicz M
Current drug delivery, 2018

82.  Dietary Accumulation of Inorganic Selenium by a Larval Amphibian (Hyla chrysoscelis) and Influence on Accumulation of Background Mercury.LinkIT
Rowe CL, Heyes A
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2017

83.  Effects of a common insecticide on wetland communities with varying quality of leaf litter inputs.LinkIT
Stoler AB, Mattes BM, Hintz WD, Jones DK, Lind L, Schuler MS, Relyea RA
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2017

84.  The benefits of coinfection: trematodes alter disease outcomes associated with virus infection.LinkIT
Wuerthner VP, Hua J, Hoverman JT
The Journal of animal ecology, 2017

85.  Comparable dynamics of linuron catabolic genes and IncP-1 plasmids in biopurification systems (BPSs) as a response to linuron spiking.LinkIT
Nour EH, Elsayed TR, Springael D, Smalla K
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2017

86.  Does testosterone affect foraging behavior in male frogs?LinkIT
Desprat JL, Mondy N, Lengagne T
Hormones and behavior, 2017

87.  Immune challenges and visual signalling in tree frogs.LinkIT
Desprat JL, Lengagne T, Mondy N
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2017

88.  Neogene amphibians and reptiles (Caudata, Anura, Gekkota, Lacertilia, and Testudines) from the south of Western Siberia, Russia, and Northeastern Kazakhstan.LinkIT
Vasilyan D, Zazhigin VS, Böhme M
PeerJ, 2017

89.  Frogs Exploit Statistical Regularities in Noisy Acoustic Scenes to Solve Cocktail-Party-like Problems.LinkIT
Lee N, Ward JL, Vélez A, Micheyl C, Bee MA
Current biology : CB, 2017

90.  Comparison of physicochemical properties of suppositories containing starch hydrolysates.LinkIT
Belniak P, ?wi?der K, Szumi?o M, Hyla A, Poleszak E
Saudi pharmaceutical journal : SPJ : the official publication of the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society, 2017