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Omphalina postii
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1.  Wild edible mushrooms from Mediterranean region: Metal concentrations and health risk assessment.LinkIT
Sarikurkcu C, Popovi?-Djordjevi? J, Solak MH
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2020

2.  New species and reports of Cuphophyllus from northern North America compared with related Eurasian species.LinkIT
Voitk A, Saar I, Lodge DJ, Boertmann D, Berch SM, Larsson E
Mycologia, 2020

3.  The first complete mitochondrial genome from the family Hygrophoraceae (Hygrophorus russula) by next-generation sequencing and phylogenetic implications.LinkIT
Li Q, Wang Q, Jin X, Chen Z, Xiong C, Li P, Zhao J, Huang W
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2019

4.  Gliophorusglutinosus sp. nov. (Hygrophoraceae, Agaricales) from Eastern Himalayan region of India.LinkIT
Chakraborty D, Das K, Vizzini A
MycoKeys, 2018

5.  Isotopic evidence of biotrophy and unusual nitrogen nutrition in soil-dwelling Hygrophoraceae.LinkIT
Halbwachs H, Easton GL, Bol R, Hobbie EA, Garnett MH, Per?oh D, Dixon L, Ostle N, Karasch P, Griffith GW
Environmental microbiology, 2018

6.  Additions to tribe Chromosereae (Basidiomycota, Hygrophoraceae) from China, including Sinohygrocybe gen. nov. and a first report of Gloioxanthomycesnitidus.LinkIT
Wang CQ, Zhang M, Li TH, Liang XS, Shen YH
MycoKeys, 2018

7.  Hidden diversity uncovered in Hygrophorus sect. Aurei (Hygrophoraceae), including the Mediterranean H.¬†meridionalis and the¬†North American H.¬†boyeri, spp. nov.LinkIT
Pierre-Arthur M, Jean-Michel B, Renée L, Zacharias A, Antonis A, Herman L, Christian S, Ellen L, Michael L
Fungal biology, 2018

8.  Lichenomphalia altoandina, a new species of Hygrophoraceae from the Chilean Altiplano.LinkIT
Sandoval-Leiva P, Niveiro N, Urbina-Casanova R, Scherson R
Mycologia, 2017

9.  From one to six: unrecognized species diversity in the genus Acantholichen (lichenized Basidiomycota: Hygrophoraceae).LinkIT
Dal-Forno M, L√ľcking R, Bungartz F, Y√°nez-Ayabaca A, Marcelli MP, Spielmann AA, Coca LF, Chaves JL, Aptroot A, Sipman HJ, Sikaroodi M, Gillevet P, Lawrey JD
Mycologia, 2016

10.  Penarines A-F, (nor-)sesquiterpene carboxylic acids from Hygrophorus penarius (Basidiomycetes).LinkIT
Otto A, Porzel A, Schmidt J, Wessjohann L, Arnold N
Phytochemistry, 2014