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   Hydrophiidae (sea snakes) 

Broader Terms:
   Hydrophiidae (Seasnakes) 
   Serpentes (snakes) 
   Squamata (amphisbaenians) 

More Specific:
   Acalyptophis (Perron's Sea Snake) 
   Acanthophis (Death Adders) 
   Aipysurus (Sea Snake) 
   Anguis (Slow Worms) 
   Aspidomorphus (Collared Adders) 
   Astrotia (Stokes' Sea Snake) 
   Austrelaps (Australian Copperheads) 
   Boa (Boa Constrictors) 
   Cacophis (Dwarf Crowned Snake) 
   Calamaria (Dwarf Snakes) 
   Coluber (Racers) 
   Demansia (Venomous Whip Snake) 
   Denisonia (Ornamental Snake) 
   Disteira (Common Sea Snake) 
   Drysdalia (Ausrtalian Crowned Snake) 
   Echiopsis (Bardick Snake) 
   Elapognathus (Little Brown Snake) 
   Emydocephalus (Turtlehead Sea Snake) 
   Enhydrina (Beaked Sea Snake) 
   Enhydris (Rainbow Water Snakes) 
   Ephalophis (Grey's Sea Snake) 
   Furina (Naped Snake) 
   Hemiaspis (Gray Swamp Snake) 
   Hoplocephalus (Pale-Headed Snake) 
   Hydrelaps (Darwin's Sea Snake) 
   Hydrophis (Asian Sea Snake) 
   Kerilia (Jerdon's Sea Snake) 
   Kolpophis (Highead Sea Snake) 
   Lapemis (Shaw's Sea Snake) 
   Laticauda (sea kraits) 
   Leiocephalus (Curlytail Lizards) 
   Loveridgelaps (Orange-Banded Snake) 
   Lycodon (Wolf Snake) 
   Micropechis (Pacific Coral Snake) 
   Naja (Cobras) 
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Elaps fulvius
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Common Names: sea snakes, Seasnakes

1.  Heterochronic Shifts Mediate Ecomorphological Convergence in Skull Shape of Microcephalic Sea Snakes.LinkIT
Sherratt E, Sanders KL, Watson A, Hutchinson MN, Lee MSY, Palci A
Integrative and comparative biology, 2019

2.  Phototactic tails: Evolution and molecular basis of a novel sensory trait in sea snakes.LinkIT
Crowe-Riddell JM, Simões BF, Partridge JC, Hunt DM, Delean S, Schwerdt JG, Breen J, Ludington A, Gower DJ, Sanders KL
Molecular ecology, 2019

3.  Drinking by sea snakes from oceanic freshwater lenses at first rainfall ending seasonal drought.LinkIT
Lillywhite HB, Sheehy CM, Sandfoss MR, Crowe-Riddell J, Grech A
PloS one, 2019

4.  How Snakes Find Prey Underwater: Sea Snakes Use Visual and Chemical Cues for Foraging.LinkIT
Kutsuma R, Sasai T, Kishida T
Zoological science, 2018

5.  Rates of population differentiation and speciation are decoupled in sea snakes.LinkIT
Nitschke CR, Hourston M, Udyawer V, Sanders KL
Biology letters, 2018

6.  Venom gland transcriptomics and microRNA profiling of juvenile and adult yellow-bellied sea snake, Hydrophis platurus, from Playa del Coco (Guanacaste, Costa Rica).LinkIT
Durban J, Sasa M, Calvete JJ
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2018

7.  Environmental and Ecological Effects of Climate Change on Venomous Marine and Amphibious Species in the Wilderness.LinkIT
Needleman RK, Neylan IP, Erickson TB
Wilderness & environmental medicine, 2018

8.  Glycosaminoglycans from a Sea Snake (Lapemis curtus): Extraction, Structural Characterization and Antioxidant Activity.LinkIT
Bai M, Han W, Zhao X, Wang Q, Gao Y, Deng S
Marine drugs, 2018

9.  Spine-bellied sea snake (Hydrophis curtus) venom shows greater skeletal myotoxicity compared with cardiac myotoxicity.LinkIT
Neale V, Smout MJ, Seymour JE
Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology, 2018

10.  Proteomic and functional variation within black snake venoms (Elapidae: Pseudechis).LinkIT
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