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   Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers) 

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   Echinodermata (echinoderms) 
   Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers) 

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Common Names: holotúria, cocombres de mer, holotúria, pepino do mar, sea cucumbers, holothurians

81.  The sea cucumber Holothuria tubulosa does not reduce the size of microplastics but enhances their resuspension in the water column.LinkIT
Bulleri F, Ravaglioli C, Anselmi S, Renzi M
The Science of the total environment, 2021

82.  Characterizing gangliosides in six sea cucumber species by HILIC-ESI-MS/MS.LinkIT
Wang X, Wang X, Cong P, Zhang X, Zhang H, Xue C, Xu J
Food chemistry, 2021

83.  Comparative metabolomic analysis of the body wall from four varieties of the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus.LinkIT
Xing L, Sun L, Liu S, Zhang L, Yang H
Food chemistry, 2021

84.  Regulation of H2O2-induced cells injury through Nrf2 signaling pathway: An introduction of a novel cysteic acid-modified peptide.LinkIT
Jin H, Li Y, Shen K, Li J, Yu F, Yang Z
Bioorganic chemistry, 2021

85.  Characterization of a New Biofunctional, Exolytic Alginate Lyase from Tamlana sp. s12 with High Catalytic Activity and Cold-Adapted Features.LinkIT
Yin R, Yi YJ, Chen Z, Wang BX, Li XH, Zhou YX
Marine drugs, 2021

86.  Triterpene Glycosides from the Far Eastern Sea Cucumber Thyonidium (=Duasmodactyla) kurilensis (Levin): The Structures, Cytotoxicities, and Biogenesis of Kurilosides A3, D1, G, H, I, I1, J, K, and K1.LinkIT
Silchenko AS, Kalinovsky AI, Avilov SA, Andrijaschenko PV, Popov RS, Dmitrenok PS, Chingizova EA, Kalinin VI
Marine drugs, 2021

87.  Ungovernable systems: The strength of informal institutions in the sea cucumber fishery in Yucatan, Mexico.LinkIT
Pedroza-Gutiérrez C, López-Rocha JA
PloS one, 2021

88.  Structural Characterization and Heparanase Inhibitory Activity of Fucosylated Glycosaminoglycan from Holothuria floridana.LinkIT
Shi X, Guan R, Zhou L, Zuo Z, Tao X, Wang P, Zhou Y, Yin R, Zhao L, Gao N, Zhao J
Marine drugs, 2021

89.  The complete mitochondrial genome of Pink warty sea cucumber (Cercodemas anceps Selenka, 1867).LinkIT
Li H, Liu J, Wang S, Huang W
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

90.  Functional foods and bioactive ingredients harnessed from the ocean: current status and future perspectives.LinkIT
Lobine D, Rengasamy KRR, Mahomoodally MF
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition, 2021