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   Hexagonia aculeata 
   Hexagonia adnata 
   Hexagonia aequalis 
   Hexagonia albida 
   Hexagonia alveolaris 
   Hexagonia amplexans 
   Hexagonia angulata 
   Hexagonia annamitica 
   Hexagonia apiaria 
   Hexagonia apiaria apiaria 
   Hexagonia apiaria wightii 
   Hexagonia applanata 
   Hexagonia arata 
   Hexagonia aspera 
   Hexagonia assaortina 
   Hexagonia atra 
   Hexagonia atrosanguinea 
   Hexagonia bartlettii 
   Hexagonia bicolor 
   Hexagonia bipindiensis 
   Hexagonia bivalvis 
   Hexagonia bivalvis bivalvis 
   Hexagonia bivalvis pulchella 
   Hexagonia bivalvis retro-picta 
   Hexagonia blumei 
   Hexagonia boueana 
   Hexagonia bowringi 
   Hexagonia brevis 
   Hexagonia brunneola 
   Hexagonia burchellii 
   Hexagonia caliginosa 
   Hexagonia caperata 
   Hexagonia capillacea 
   Hexagonia carbonaria 
   Hexagonia casuarinae 
   Hexagonia caurina 
   Hexagonia cervinoplumbea 
   Hexagonia cesatii 
   Hexagonia chartacea 
   Hexagonia ciliata 
   Hexagonia cingulata 
   Hexagonia cladophora 
   Hexagonia cognata 
   Hexagonia concinna 
   Hexagonia cookei 
   Hexagonia coriacea 
   Hexagonia crassipora 
   Hexagonia crinigera 
   Hexagonia cruenta 
   Hexagonia cucullata 
   Hexagonia cuprea 
   Hexagonia cyclophora 
   Hexagonia daedalea 
   Hexagonia daedaleiformis 
   Hexagonia decipiens 
   Hexagonia dermatiphora 
   Hexagonia deschampsii 
   Hexagonia discolor 
   Hexagonia discopoda 
   Hexagonia dorcadidea 
   Hexagonia dregeana 
   Hexagonia dubiosa 
   Hexagonia durissima 
   Hexagonia durissima durissima 
   Hexagonia durissima rhodomela 
   Hexagonia dybowskii 
   Hexagonia elegans 
   Hexagonia erubescens 
   Hexagonia expallida 
   Hexagonia fasciata 
   Hexagonia favoloides 
   Hexagonia favus 
   Hexagonia ferruginosa 
   Hexagonia fioriana 
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Biological activities of selected basidiomycetes from Yemen. - PubMed: species

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1.  Triterpenoids and steroids from the fruiting bodies of Hexagonia tenuis and their cytotoxicity.LinkIT
Hung DX, Kuo PC, Tuan NN, Van Trung H, Tan Thanh N, Thi Ha N, Long Giang B, Quang Trung N, Thi Ngan N, Hai HV, Lan Phuong D, Quang DN, Thang TD
Natural product research, 2019

2.  High Level Secretion of Laccase (LccH) from a Newly Isolated White-Rot Basidiomycete, Hexagonia hirta MSF2.LinkIT
Kandasamy S, Muniraj IK, Purushothaman N, Sekar A, Sharmila DJ, Kumarasamy R, Uthandi S
Frontiers in microbiology, 2016

3.  Chemical Constituents from the Fruiting Bodies of Hexagonia apiaria and Their Anti-inflammatory Activity.LinkIT
Thang TD, Kuo PC, Ngoc NT, Hwang TL, Yang ML, Ta SH, Lee EJ, Kuo DH, Hung NH, Tuan NN, Wu TS
Journal of natural products, 2015

4.  Purification, characterization and synthetic application of a thermally stable laccase from Hexagonia tenuis MTCC-1119.LinkIT
Chaurasia PK, Bharati SL, Yadava S, Yadav RS
Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics, 2015

5.  Synthesis of bioactive speciosins G and P from Hexagonia speciosa.LinkIT
Guerrero-Vásquez GA, Chinchilla N, Molinillo JM, Macías FA
Journal of natural products, 2014

6.  Biological activities of selected basidiomycetes from Yemen.LinkIT
Al-Fatimi M, Schröder G, Kreisel H, Lindequist U
Die Pharmazie, 2013

7.  Taxonomic, nomenclatural, and faunistic records for species in tribes Melaenini, Moriomorphini, Pterostichini, Licinini, and Sphodrini (Coleoptera: Carabidae).LinkIT
Guéorguiev B
Zootaxa, 2013

8.  Isoprenylated cyclohexanoids from the basidiomycete Hexagonia speciosa.LinkIT
Jiang MY, Li Y, Wang F, Liu JK
Phytochemistry, 2011

9.  Lignin peroxidases of some indigenous ligninolytic fungi: secretion and enzymatic characteristics.LinkIT
Yadav RS, Patel VK, Yadav KD, Sharma JK, Singh NP
Indian journal of microbiology, 2010

10.  Speciosins A-K, oxygenated cyclohexanoids from the basidiomycete Hexagonia speciosa.LinkIT
Jiang MY, Zhang L, Liu R, Dong ZJ, Liu JK
Journal of natural products, 2009