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Broader Terms:
   Plantae (plants) 

More Specific:
   Bicosoecophyceae (bicosoecids) 
   Coscinodiscophyceae (centric diatoms) 
   Phaeophyceae (brown algae) 
   Raphidophyceae (raphidophytes) 
   Synurophyceae (Synurophytes) 
   Xanthophyceae (Xanthophytes) 
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1.  Further investigations on the phaeothamniophyceae using a multigene phylogeny, with descriptions of five new species.LinkIT
Graf L, Yang EC, Boo GH, Andersen RA, Yoon HS
Journal of phycology, 2020

2.  Diversity and Species Composition of Microbiota Associated with Mosquito Breeding Habitats: A Study from Kurunegala District in Sri Lanka.LinkIT
Amarasinghe LD, Ranasinghe HAK
BioMed research international, 2019

3.  Dictyochophyceae Plastid Genomes Reveal Unusual Variability in Their Organization.LinkIT
Han KY, Maciszewski K, Graf L, Yang JH, Andersen RA, Karnkowska A, Yoon HS
Journal of phycology, 2019

4.  Comparative analysis of strategies to prepare electron sinks in aquatic photoautotrophs.LinkIT
Shimakawa G, Murakami A, Niwa K, Matsuda Y, Wada A, Miyake C
Photosynthesis research, 2019

5.  Decadal stability in genetic variation and structure in the intertidal seaweed Fucus serratus (Heterokontophyta: Fucaceae).LinkIT
Jueterbock A, Coyer JA, Olsen JL, Hoarau G
BMC evolutionary biology, 2018

6.  Occurrence of penta-amines, hexa-amines and N-methylated polyamines in unicellular eukaryotic organisms belonging to the phyla Heterokontophyta and Labyrinthulomycota of the subdomain Stramenopiles.LinkIT
Hamana K, Furuchi T, Nakamura T, Hayashi H, Niitsu M
The Journal of general and applied microbiology, 2017

7.  Mitotic spindle formation in Triparma laevis NIES-2565(Parmales, Heterokontophyta).LinkIT
Yamada K, Nagasato C, Motomura T, Ichinomiya M, Kuwata A, Kamiya M, Ohki K, Yoshikawa S
Protoplasma, 2017

8.  Phytoplankton composition of the water and gastrointestinal tract of the mussel Diplodon enno (Ortmann, 1921) from São Francisco river (Bahia, Brazil).LinkIT
Alves T, Lima P, Lima GM, Cunha MC, Ferreira S, Domingues B, Machado J
Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia, 2016

9.  Atmospheric Dispersal of Bioactive Streptomyces albidoflavus Strains Among Terrestrial and Marine Environments.LinkIT
Sarmiento-Vizcaíno A, Braña AF, González V, Nava H, Molina A, Llera E, Fiedler HP, Rico JM, García-Flórez L, Acuña JL, García LA, Blanco G
Microbial ecology, 2016

10.  dEMBF: A Comprehensive Database of Enzymes of Microalgal Biofuel Feedstock.LinkIT
Misra N, Panda PK, Parida BK, Mishra BK
PloS one, 2016