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   Arabidopsis thaliana (mouseear cress) 
   Arabis thaliana 
   Crucifera thaliana 
   Hesperis thaliana 
   Sisymbrium thalianum 
   Stenophragma thalianum 

Broader Terms:
   Arabidopsis (rockcress) 
   Arabis (Rock Cress) 
   Hesperis (rocket) 
   Sisymbrium (hedgemustard) 
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Arabis thaliana
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Common Names: thale-cress, mouse-ear cress, Wall-cress, Backtrav, thale cress, mouseear cress

1.  FLA11 and FLA12 glycoproteins fine-tune stem secondary wall properties in response to mechanical stresses.LinkIT
Ma Y, MacMillan CP, de Vries L, Mansfield SD, Hao P, Ratcliffe J, Bacic A, Johnson KL
The New phytologist, 2021

2.  The chromosome-level genome provides insight into the molecular mechanism underlying the tortuous-branch phenotype of Prunus mume.LinkIT
Zheng T, Li P, Zhuo X, Liu W, Qiu L, Li L, Yuan C, Sun L, Zhang Z, Wang J, Cheng T, Zhang Q
The New phytologist, 2021

3.  Modulation of Plant Plasma Membrane Structure by Exogenous Fatty Acid Hydroperoxide is a Potential Perception Mechanism for their Eliciting Activity.LinkIT
Estelle D, Géraldine VA, Valeria R, Alexandros K, Marion MG, Dufrene Yves F, Marc O, Laurence L, Pierre VC, Marie-Laure F, Magali D
Plant, cell & environment, 2021

4.  Optimal transport analysis reveals trajectories in steady-state systems.LinkIT
Zhang S, Afanassiev A, Greenstreet L, Matsumoto T, Schiebinger G
PLoS computational biology, 2021

5.  Bismuth Vanadium Oxide Can Promote Growth and Activity in Arabidopsis thaliana.LinkIT
Gao C, Lu S, Wang Y, Xu H, Gao X, Gu Y, Xuan H, Wang B, Yuan H, Cao Y
Frontiers in chemistry, 2021

6.  Protein Phosphorylation Changes During Systemic Acquired Resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana.LinkIT
Zhou Q, Meng Q, Tan X, Ding W, Ma K, Xu Z, Huang X, Gao H
Frontiers in plant science, 2021

7.  Identification of Conserved and Divergent Strigolactone Receptors in Sugarcane Reveals a Key Residue Crucial for Plant Branching Control.LinkIT
Hu A, Zhao Q, Chen L, Zhao J, Wang Y, Feng K, Wu L, Xie M, Zhou X, Xiao L, Ming Z, Zhang M, Yao R
Frontiers in plant science, 2021

8.  Time-Series Growth Prediction Model Based on U-Net and Machine Learning in Arabidopsis.LinkIT
Chang S, Lee U, Hong MJ, Jo YD, Kim JB
Frontiers in plant science, 2021

9.  LC-MS Based Draft Map of the Arabidopsis thaliana Nuclear Proteome and Protein Import in Pattern Triggered Immunity.LinkIT
Ayash M, Abukhalaf M, Thieme D, Proksch C, Heilmann M, Schattat MH, Hoehenwarter W
Frontiers in plant science, 2021

10.  Histone Modification ChIP-seq on Arabidopsis thaliana Plantlets.LinkIT
Ramirez-Prado JS, Latrasse D, Benhamed M
Bio-protocol, 2021