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Creolophus cirrhatus
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1.  Chemical constituents from the culture of the fungus Hericium alpestre.LinkIT
Li LN, Wang L, Guo XL
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2.  Dentipellistasmanica sp. nov. (Hericiaceae, Basidiomycota) from Australia.LinkIT
Ji XH, Chen Q, Gates G, Du P
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3.  Diversity of polypores in the Dominican Republic: Pseudowrightoporia dominicana sp. nov. (Hericiaceae, Russulales).LinkIT
Vizzini A, Angelini C, Losi C, Ercole E
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4.  Antioxidant and Anti-Osteoporotic Activities of Aromatic Compounds and Sterols from Hericium erinaceum.LinkIT
Li W, Lee SH, Jang HD, Ma JY, Kim YH
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5.  A new cerebroside from the fruiting bodies of Hericium erinaceus and its applicability to cancer treatment.LinkIT
Lee SR, Jung K, Noh HJ, Park YJ, Lee HL, Lee KR, Kang KS, Kim KH
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 2015

6.  Sterols from Hericium erinaceum and their inhibition of TNF-? and NO production in lipopolysaccharide-induced RAW 264.7 cells.LinkIT
Li W, Zhou W, Cha JY, Kwon SU, Baek KH, Shim SH, Lee YM, Kim YH
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7.  Isolation and identification of aromatic compounds in Lion's Mane Mushroom and their anticancer activities.LinkIT
Li W, Zhou W, Kim EJ, Shim SH, Kang HK, Kim YH
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8.  Anticancer potential of Hericium erinaceus extracts against human gastrointestinal cancers.LinkIT
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9.  Terpenoids and sterols from some Japanese mushrooms.LinkIT
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10.  Two new species of hydnoid-fungi from India.LinkIT
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