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1.  Nipah virus dynamics in bats and implications for spillover to humans.LinkIT
Epstein JH, Anthony SJ, Islam A, Kilpatrick AM, Ali Khan S, Balkey MD, Ross N, Smith I, Zambrana-Torrelio C, Tao Y, Islam A, Quan PL, Olival KJ, Khan MSU, Gurley ES, Hossein MJ, Field HE, Fielder MD, Briese T, Rahman M, Broder CC, Crameri G, Wang LF, Luby SP, Lipkin WI, Daszak P
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2020

2.  The Structural Features of Henipavirus Matrix Protein Driving Intracellular Trafficking.LinkIT
Donnelly CM, Roby JA, Scott CJ, Raidal SR, Forwood JK
Viral immunology, 2020

3.  Vaccines to Emerging Viruses: Nipah and Hendra.LinkIT
Amaya M, Broder CC
Annual review of virology, 2020

4.  Third Helical Domain of the Nipah Virus Fusion Glycoprotein Modulates both Early and Late Steps in the Membrane Fusion Cascade.LinkIT
Zamora JLR, Ortega V, Johnston GP, Li J, André NM, Monreal IA, Contreras EM, Whittaker GR, Aguilar HC
Journal of virology, 2020

5.  Importance of Endocytosis for the Biological Activity of Cedar Virus Fusion Protein.LinkIT
Fischer K, Groschup MH, Diederich S
Cells, 2020

6.  Stakeholder Perspective of Handling the Deceased during the Nipah Virus Outbreak in Kerala, South India, 2018.LinkIT
Kannamkottapilly Chandrasekharan P, Rahul A, Gopakumar RNS, Thekkumkara Surendran Nair A
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 2020

7.  The Intrinsically Disordered W Protein Is Multifunctional during Henipavirus Infection, Disrupting Host Signalling Pathways and Nuclear Import.LinkIT
Tsimbalyuk S, Cross EM, Hoad M, Donnelly CM, Roby JA, Forwood JK
Cells, 2020

8.  Distinct genetic architectures and environmental factors associate with host response to the ?2-herpesvirus infections.LinkIT
Sallah N, Miley W, Labo N, Carstensen T, Fatumo S, Gurdasani D, Pollard MO, Dilthey AT, Mentzer AJ, Marshall V, Cornejo Castro EM, Pomilla C, Young EH, Asiki G, Hibberd ML, Sandhu M, Kellam P, Newton R, Whitby D, Barroso I
Nature communications, 2020

9.  Nipah@20: Lessons Learned from Another Virus with Pandemic Potential.LinkIT
Gómez Román R, Wang LF, Lee B, Halpin K, de Wit E, Broder CC, Rahman M, Kristiansen P, Saville M
mSphere, 2020

10.  Conditions predict heightened Hendra virus spillover risk in horses this winter: actions now can change outcomes.LinkIT
Eby P, Plowright RK, McCallum H, Peel AJ
Australian veterinary journal, 2020