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   Haslea britannica 
   Haslea crucigera 
   Haslea crucigeroides 
   Haslea crystallina 
   Haslea gigantea 
   Haslea nipkowii 
   Haslea ostrearia 
   Haslea pseudostrearia 
   Haslea salstonica 
   Haslea spicula 
   Haslea trompii 
   Haslea wawrikae 
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1.  Extraction Improvement of the Bioactive Blue-Green Pigment "Marennine" from Diatom Haslea ostrearia's Blue Water: A Solid-Phase Method Based on Graphitic Matrices.LinkIT
Bélanger W, Arnold AA, Turcotte F, Saint-Louis R, Deschênes JS, Genard B, Marcotte I, Tremblay R
Marine drugs, 2020

2.  Seasonal and latitudinal variations in sea ice algae deposition in the Northern Bering and Chukchi Seas determined by algal biomarkers.LinkIT
Koch CW, Cooper LW, Lalande C, Brown TA, Frey KE, Grebmeier JM
PloS one, 2020

3.  Harmful or harmless: Biological effects of marennine on marine organisms.LinkIT
Falaise C, Cormier P, Tremblay R, Audet C, Deschênes JS, Turcotte F, François C, Seger A, Hallegraeff G, Lindquist N, Sirjacobs D, Gobert S, Lejeune P, Demoulin V, Mouget JL
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2019

4.  Isoprenoid biosynthesis in the diatom Haslea ostrearia.LinkIT
Athanasakoglou A, Grypioti E, Michailidou S, Ignea C, Makris AM, Kalantidis K, Massé G, Argiriou A, Verret F, Kampranis SC
The New phytologist, 2019

5.  Complex Relationships between the Blue Pigment Marennine and Marine Bacteria of the Genus Vibrio.LinkIT
Falaise C, James A, Travers MA, Zanella M, Badawi M, Mouget JL
Marine drugs, 2019

6.  Time-dependent upregulation of electron transport with concomitant induction of regulated excitation dissipation in Haslea diatoms.LinkIT
Perkins R, Williamson C, Lavaud J, Mouget JL, Campbell DA
Photosynthesis research, 2018

7.  Antimicrobial Compounds from Eukaryotic Microalgae against Human Pathogens and Diseases in Aquaculture.LinkIT
Falaise C, François C, Travers MA, Morga B, Haure J, Tremblay R, Turcotte F, Pasetto P, Gastineau R, Hardivillier Y, Leignel V, Mouget JL
Marine drugs, 2016

8.  Diatoms and Other Epibionts Associated with Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) Sea Turtles from the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.LinkIT
Majewska R, Santoro M, Bolaños F, Chaves G, De Stefano M
PloS one, 2015

9.  Marennine, promising blue pigments from a widespread Haslea diatom species complex.LinkIT
Gastineau R, Turcotte F, Pouvreau JB, Morançais M, Fleurence J, Windarto E, Prasetiya FS, Arsad S, Jaouen P, Babin M, Coiffard L, Couteau C, Bardeau JF, Jacquette B, Leignel V, Hardivillier Y, Marcotte I, Bourgougnon N, Tremblay R, Deschênes JS, Badawy H, Pasetto P, Davidovich N, Hansen G, Dittmer J, Mouget JL
Marine drugs, 2014

10.  Inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in the Pennate diatom Haslea ostrearia (Naviculaceae) during auxosporulation suggests a uniparental transmission.LinkIT
Gastineau R, Leignel V, Jacquette B, Hardivillier Y, Wulff A, Gaudin P, Bendahmane D, Davidovich NA, Kaczmarska I, Mouget JL
Protist, 2013