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   Haliclona raphidiophora 
   Haliclona rhaphidiophora 

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131.  Antimicrobial activity of marine sponges against coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from bovine mastitis.LinkIT
Laport MS, Marinho PR, Santos OC, de Almeida P, Romanos MT, Muricy G, Brito MA, Giambiagi-deMarval M
Veterinary microbiology, 2012

132.  Effects of Karenia brevis on clearance rates and bioaccumulation of brevetoxins in benthic suspension feeding invertebrates.LinkIT
Echevarria M, Naar JP, Tomas C, Pawlik JR
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2012

133.  Diversity and bioactive potential of endospore-forming bacteria cultured from the marine sponge Haliclona simulans.LinkIT
Phelan RW, O'Halloran JA, Kennedy J, Morrissey JP, Dobson AD, O'Gara F, Barbosa TM
Journal of applied microbiology, 2012

134.  Marine sponge: a potential source for methoxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the Asia-Pacific food web.LinkIT
Haraguchi K, Kato Y, Ohta C, Koga N, Endo T
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2011

135.  The in vivo anti-plasmodial activity of haliclonacyclamine A, an alkaloid from the marine sponge, Haliclona sp.LinkIT
Mani L, Petek S, Valentin A, Chevalley S, Folcher E, Aalbersberg W, Debitus C
Natural product research, 2011

136.  Cytotoxic activity of extracts of marine sponges from NW Spain on a neuroblastoma cell line.LinkIT
Ferreira M, Cabado AG, Chapela MJ, Fajardo P, Atanassova M, Garrido A, Vieites JM, Lago J
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology, 2011

137.  Isolation and cultivation of fungal strains from in vitro cell cultures of two marine sponges (Porifera: Halichondrida and Haplosclerida).LinkIT
Rozas EE, Albano RM, Lôbo-Hajdu G, Müller WE, Schröder HC, Custódio MR
Brazilian journal of microbiology : [publication of the Brazilian Society for Microbiology], 2011

138.  Halioxepine, a new meroditerpene from an Indonesian sponge Haliclona sp.LinkIT
Trianto A, Hermawan I, de Voogd NJ, Tanaka J
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin, 2011

139.  Phylogenetic diversity, host-specificity and community profiling of sponge-associated bacteria in the northern Gulf of Mexico.LinkIT
Erwin PM, Olson JB, Thacker RW
PloS one, 2011

140.  Phylogenetic relationships of the marine Haplosclerida (Phylum Porifera) employing ribosomal (28S rRNA) and mitochondrial (cox1, nad1) gene sequence data.LinkIT
Redmond NE, Raleigh J, van Soest RW, Kelly M, Travers SA, Bradshaw B, Vartia S, Stephens KM, McCormack GP
PloS one, 2011