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   Haliclona rhaphidiophora 

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201.  Rapid screening and dereplication of bacterial isolates from marine sponges of the sula ridge by intact-cell-MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (ICM-MS).LinkIT
Dieckmann R, Graeber I, Kaesler I, Szewzyk U, von Döhren H
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2005

202.  Differential modulation of microglia superoxide anion and thromboxane B2 generation by the marine manzamines.LinkIT
Mayer AM, Hall ML, Lynch SM, Gunasekera SP, Sennett SH, Pomponi SA
BMC pharmacology, 2005

203.  Variations of antioxidant efficiency and presence of endosymbiotic diatoms in the Antarctic porifera Haliclona dancoi.LinkIT
Regoli F, Nigro M, Chierici E, Cerrano C, Schiapparelli S, Totti C, Bavestrello G
Marine environmental research, 2004

204.  The biogeography and phylogeny of unicellular cyanobacterial symbionts in sponges from Australia and the Mediterranean.LinkIT
Usher KM, Fromont J, Sutton DC, Toze S
Microbial ecology, 2004

205.  Viscosaline: new 3-alkyl pyridinium alkaloid from the Arctic sponge Haliclona viscosa.LinkIT
Volk CA, Köck M
Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 2004

206.  sine oculis in basal Metazoa.LinkIT
Bebenek IG, Gates RD, Morris J, Hartenstein V, Jacobs DK
Development genes and evolution, 2004

207.  Chemistry of renieramycins. Part 4.synthesis of a simple natural marine product, 6-hydroxy-7-methoxyisoquinolinemethanol.LinkIT
Saito N, Tanaka C, Satomi T, Oyama C, Kubo A
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin, 2004

208.  Heterotrophy on ultraplankton communities is an important source of nitrogen for a sponge-rhodophyte symbiosis.LinkIT
Pile AJ, Grant A, Hinde R, Borowitzka MA
The Journal of experimental biology, 2003

209.  Viscosamine: the first naturally occurring trimeric 3-alkyl pyridinium alkaloid.LinkIT
Volk CA, Köck M
Organic letters, 2003

210.  Isolation of Haliclonamides: new peptides as antifouling substances from a marine sponge species, Haliclona.LinkIT
Sera Y, Adachi K, Fujii K, Shizuri Y
Marine biotechnology (New York, N.Y.), 2002