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   Haliclona rhaphidiophora 

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191.  Diversity of culturable actinobacteria isolated from marine sponge Haliclona sp.LinkIT
Jiang S, Sun W, Chen M, Dai S, Zhang L, Liu Y, Lee KJ, Li X
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 2007

192.  Antileishmanial potential of a marine sponge, Haliclona exigua (Kirkpatrick) against experimental visceral leishmaniasis.LinkIT
Dube A, Singh N, Saxena A, Lakshmi V
Parasitology research, 2007

193.  A Mycobacterium marinum zone of inhibition assay as a method for screening potential antimycobacterial compounds from marine extracts.LinkIT
Barker LP, Lien BA, Brun OS, Schaak DD, McDonough KA, Chang LC
Planta medica, 2007

194.  The marine natural product adociasulfate-2 as a tool to identify the MT-binding region of kinesins.LinkIT
Brier S, Carletti E, DeBonis S, Hewat E, Lemaire D, Kozielski F
Biochemistry, 2006

195.  Separation of two cell signalling molecules from a symbiotic sponge that modify algal carbon metabolism.LinkIT
Grant AJ, Trautman DA, Menz I, Hinde R
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 2006

196.  Oculatol, oculatolide, and A-nor sterols from the sponge Haliclona oculata.LinkIT
Yu S, Deng Z, Proksch P, Lin W
Journal of natural products, 2006

197.  A novel synthetic drug, LB-18, closely related to lembehyne-A derived from a marine sponge, induces caspase-independent cell death to human neuroblastoma cells.LinkIT
Izumi M, Yogosawa S, Aoki S, Watanabe H, Kamiyama J, Takahara Y, Sowa Y, Kobayashi M, Hosoi H, Sugimoto T, Sakai T
International journal of oncology, 2006

198.  Hexaprenoid hydroquinones from the sponge Haliclona (aka Adocia) sp.LinkIT
West LM, Faulkner DJ
Journal of natural products, 2006

199.  Cyclohaliclonamines A-E: dimeric, trimeric, tetrameric, pentameric, and hexameric 3-alkyl pyridinium alkaloids from a marine sponge Haliclona sp.LinkIT
Teruya T, Kobayashi K, Suenaga K, Kigoshi H
Journal of natural products, 2006

200.  Tandem mass spectrometric approach for determining the structure of molecular species of ceramide in the marine sponge Haliclona cribricutis.LinkIT
Tilvi S, Majik M, Naik CG
European journal of mass spectrometry (Chichester, England), 2005