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   Halichoeres scalpularis 
   Halichoeres scapularis (Zigzag sandwrasse) 
   Julis scapularis 

Broader Terms:
   Halichoeres (wrasses) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Common Names: Tamarin, Zigzag wrasse, zigzaz rainbowfish, pilo, Pollay, Tamago, Bankilan, Labayan, Bungat, Pejakan, Girelle arc-en-ciel, Lupet, Balaki, Bugok, Lampet, Brownbanded wrasse, Bukan, Tallad, Bagondon, Maming, Tumaling, Pollak, Mulmul, Bayan, Lamon ....

11.  Expression patterns of sex differentiation-related genes during gonadal sex change in the protogynous wrasse, Halichoeres trimaculatus.LinkIT
Horiguchi R, Nozu R, Hirai T, Kobayashi Y, Nakamura M
General and comparative endocrinology, 2018

12.  The relationship between pectoral fin ray stiffness and swimming behavior in Labridae: insights into design, performance and ecology.LinkIT
Aiello BR, Hardy AR, Cherian C, Olsen AM, Ahn SE, Hale ME, Westneat MW
The Journal of experimental biology, 2018

13.  Interregional cytogenetic comparisons in Halichoeres and Thalassoma wrasses (Labridae) of coastal and insular regions of the southwestern Atlantic.LinkIT
Amorim KDJ, Cioffi MB, Bertollo LAC, Soares RX, Calado LL, Borges AT, Costa GWWF, Molina WF
Genetics and molecular research : GMR, 2017

14.  Chromosomal Evolution and Cytotaxonomy in Wrasses (Perciformes; Labridae).LinkIT
Almeida LAH, Nunes LA, Bitencourt JA, Molina WF, Affonso PRAM
The Journal of heredity, 2017

15.  Characterization of complete mitochondrial genome of fives tripe wrasse (Thalassoma quinquevittatum, Lay & Bennett, 1839) and phylogenetic analysis.LinkIT
Zhu K, Wu N, Sun X, Guo H, Zhang N, Jiang S, Zhang D
Gene, 2017

16.  Importance of sandy bottoms in coral reefs to the oscillation of daily rhythms in the tropical wrasse Halichoeres trimaculatus.LinkIT
Ito-Takeuchi H, Takahashi K, Bouchekioua S, Yamauchi C, Takeuchi Y, Hur SP, Lee YD, Takemura A
Chronobiology international, 2017

17.  Co-located 18S/5S rDNA arrays: an ancient and unusual chromosomal trait in Julidini species (Labridae, Perciformes).LinkIT
Amorim KD, Cioffi MB, Bertollo LA, Soares RX, de Souza AS, da Costa GW, Molina WF
Comparative cytogenetics, 2016

18.  Population Connectivity Measures of Fishery-Targeted Coral Reef Species to Inform Marine Reserve Network Design in Fiji.LinkIT
Eastwood EK, López EH, Drew JA
Scientific reports, 2016

19.  Annotated checklist of marine fishes from the Sanctuary of Bahía Chamela, Mexico with occurrence and biogeographic data.LinkIT
Galván-Villa CM, Ríos-Jara E, Bastida-Izaguirre D, Hastings PA, Balart EF
ZooKeys, 2016

20.  Reef flattening effects on total richness and species responses in the Caribbean.LinkIT
Newman SP, Meesters EH, Dryden CS, Williams SM, Sanchez C, Mumby PJ, Polunin NV
The Journal of animal ecology, 2015