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   Haematomyzus elephantis 

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Haematomyzus elephantis
Vladimír Motyčka - BioLib

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Common Names: elephant louse

1.  A rare documentation of Haematomyzus elephantis lice from elephants of Mathura.LinkIT
Sudan V, Jaiswal AK, Shanker D
Journal of parasitic diseases : official organ of the Indian Society for Parasitology, 2015

2.  Fragmented mitochondrial genomes in two suborders of parasitic lice of eutherian mammals (Anoplura and Rhynchophthirina, Insecta).LinkIT
Shao R, Barker SC, Li H, Song S, Poudel S, Su Y
Scientific reports, 2015

3.  Sensilla on the mouthparts and antennae of the elephant louse, Haematomyzus elephantis piaget (Phthiraptera: Haematomyzidae).LinkIT
Baker GT, Chandrapatya A
Journal of morphology, 1992

4.  Anatomy and affinity of the elephant louse Haematomyzus elephantis Piaget (Insecta: Rhyncophthiraptera).LinkIT
Parasitology, 1955