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   Alphestes immaculatus (Guaseta del Pacifico) 
   Scorpaena russula (Guaseta pacifico) 
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161.  'High dose' vs. 'medium dose' UVA1 phototherapy in italian patients with severe atopic dermatitis.LinkIT
Pacifico A, Iacovelli P, Damiani G, Ferraro C, Cazzaniga S, Conic RRZ, Leone G, Morrone A
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV, 2019

162.  When IL-17 inhibitors fail: Real-life evidence to switch from secukinumab to adalimumab or ustekinumab.LinkIT
Damiani G, Conic RRZ, de Vita V, Costanzo A, Regazzini R, Pigatto PDM, Bragazzi NL, Pacifico A, Malagoli P
Dermatologic therapy, 2019

163.  Low-Dose Methotrexate for the Prevention of Atherosclerotic Events.LinkIT
Ridker PM, Everett BM, Pradhan A, MacFadyen JG, Solomon DH, Zaharris E, Mam V, Hasan A, Rosenberg Y, Iturriaga E, Gupta M, Tsigoulis M, Verma S, Clearfield M, Libby P, Goldhaber SZ, Seagle R, Ofori C, Saklayen M, Butman S, Singh N, Le May M, Bertrand O, Johnston J, Paynter NP, Glynn RJ,
The New England journal of medicine, 2019

164.  Reply to: BAPRAS and BAAPS scientific meetings: Are we sticking are noses up at rhinoplasty.LinkIT
Pacifico MD, Cadier M, Withey S
Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS, 2019

165.  Transcriptomic Analyses of Phytoplasmas.LinkIT
Pacifico D, AbbĂ  S, Palmano S
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2019

166.  Association between Vitamin D Levels and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Potential Confounding Variables.LinkIT
Pacifico L, Osborn JF, Bonci E, Pierimarchi P, Chiesa C
Mini reviews in medicinal chemistry, 2019

167.  Military-related risk factors for dementia.LinkIT
Snyder HM, Carare RO, DeKosky ST, de Leon MJ, Dykxhoorn D, Gan L, Gardner R, Hinds SR, Jaffee M, Lamb BT, Landau S, Manley G, McKee A, Perl D, Schneider JA, Weiner M, Wellington C, Yaffe K, Bain L, Pacifico AM, Carrillo MC
Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association, 2018

168.  Preclinical signs of liver and cardiac damage in youth with metabolically healthy obese phenotype.LinkIT
Di Bonito P, Miraglia Del Giudice E, Chiesa C, Licenziati MR, Manco M, Franco F, Tornese G, Baroni MG, Morandi A, Maffeis C, Pacifico L, Valerio G,
Nutrition, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases : NMCD, 2018

169.  Current knowledge on Hashimoto's encephalopathy: a literature review.LinkIT
Pinedo-Torres I, Paz-Ibarra JL
Medwave, 2018

170.  Motivation towards medical career choice and academic performance in Latin American medical students: A cross-sectional study.LinkIT
Torres-Roman JS, Cruz-Avila Y, Suarez-Osorio K, Arce-Huamaní MÁ, Menez-Sanchez A, Aveiro-Róbalo TR, Mejia CR, Ruiz EF
PloS one, 2018