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   Alphestes immaculatus (Guaseta del Pacifico) 
   Scorpaena russula (Guaseta pacifico) 
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91.  Sesquiterpene lactones from Sonchus palustris L. (Asteraceae, Cichorieae).LinkIT
Shulha O, Çiçek SS, Piccolella S, Rárová L, Strnad M, Sönnichsen F, Pacifico S, Zidorn C
Phytochemistry, 2020

92.  Synthesis and evaluation of antioxidant and antiproliferative activity of 2-arylbenzimidazoles.LinkIT
Baldisserotto A, Demurtas M, Lampronti I, Tacchini M, Moi D, Balboni G, Pacifico S, Vertuani S, Manfredini S, Onnis V
Bioorganic chemistry, 2020

93.  Psoriatic and psoriatic arthritis patients with and without jet-lag: does it matter for disease severity scores? Insights and implications from a pilot, prospective study.LinkIT
Damiani G, Bragazzi NL, Garbarino S, Chattu VK, Shapiro CM, Pacifico A, Malagoli P, Pigatto PDM, Conic RRZ, Tiodorovic D, Watad A, Adawi M
Chronobiology international, 2019

94.  Effect of Peri-implant Keratinized Tissue Width on Tissue Health and Stability: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.LinkIT
Longoni S, Tinto M, Pacifico C, Sartori M, Andreano A
The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants, 2019

95.  Natural Occurrence of Escherichia coli-Infecting Bacteriophages in Clinical Samples.LinkIT
Pacífico C, Hilbert M, Sofka D, Dinhopl N, Pap IJ, Aspöck C, Carriço JA, Hilbert F
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

96.  The extent, frequency and ecological functions of food wasting by parrots.LinkIT
Sebastián-González E, Hiraldo F, Blanco G, Hernández-Brito D, Romero-Vidal P, Carrete M, Gómez-Llanos E, Pacífico EC, Díaz-Luque JA, Dénes FV, Tella JL
Scientific reports, 2019

97.  NPs-TiO2 and Lincomycin Coexposure Induces DNA Damage in Cultured Human Amniotic Cells.LinkIT
Mottola F, Iovine C, Santonastaso M, Romeo ML, Pacifico S, Cobellis L, Rocco L
Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

98.  Preliminary evidence of the validity process of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS): translation, cross-cultural adaptation and semantic equivalence of the Brazilian Portuguese version.LinkIT
PacĂ­fico MC, de Paula CS, Namur VS, Lowenthal R, Bosa CA, Teixeira MCTV
Trends in psychiatry and psychotherapy, 2019

99.  The Role of the Endophytic Microbiome in the Grapevine Response to Environmental Triggers.LinkIT
Pacifico D, Squartini A, Crucitti D, Barizza E, Lo Schiavo F, Muresu R, Carimi F, Zottini M
Frontiers in plant science, 2019

100.  Data extracted from olive oil mill waste exposed to ambient conditions.LinkIT
González-Martínez L, Hernández D, Astudillo CA, Silva A F, Gabriel D
Data in brief, 2019