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   Pytilia melba (Green-winged Pytilia) 
   Pytilia melba belli (Melba Finch) 
   Pytilia melba melba (Green-winged Pytilia) 

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1.  Bioserotypes, Virulence Markers, and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Yersinia enterocolitica Strains Isolated from Free-Living Birds.LinkIT
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2.  Mandibular squamous cell carcinoma in 2 psittacines.LinkIT
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3.  Trace Elements in the Feathers of Waterfowl from Nanhaizi Wetland, Baotou, China.LinkIT
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4.  Influenza A Prevalence and Subtype Diversity in Migrating Teal Sampled Along the United States Gulf Coast.LinkIT
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5.  Phylogenomics and Infectious Potential of Avian Avulaviruses Species-Type 1 Isolated from Healthy Green-Winged Teal (Anas carolinensis) from a Wetland Sanctuary of Indus River.LinkIT
, Yaqub T, Imran M, Habib M, Sohail T, Shahid MF, Munir M, Shabbir MZ
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6.  Avian metapneumovirus subtype C in Wild Waterfowl in Ontario, Canada.LinkIT
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7.  Pathological and molecular characterization of systemic isosporosis (atoxoplasmosis) in captive green-winged saltator (Saltator similis).LinkIT
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8.  First findings of duck circovirus in migrating wild ducks in China.LinkIT
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9.  Detection of amphibian chytrid fungus on waterfowl integument in natural settings.LinkIT
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10.  Genetic characterization of highly pathogenic avian influenza A H5N8 viruses isolated from wild birds in Egypt.LinkIT
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