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   Cophosaurus texanus (Texas greater earless lizard) 

   Centropus menbeki (Greater Black Coucal) 
   Centropus sinensis (Greater Coucal) 

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1.  Equitable Pandemic Preparedness and Rapid Response: Lessons from COVID-19 for Pandemic Health Equity.LinkIT
Alberti PM, Lantz PM, Wilkins CH
Journal of health politics, policy and law, 2020

2.  Disaster Preparedness and Social Justice in a Public Health Emergency.LinkIT
Pollack HA
Journal of health politics, policy and law, 2020

3.  An avoidance method to minimize dose perturbation effects in proton pencil beam scanning treatment of patients with small high-Z implants.LinkIT
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Physics in medicine and biology, 2020

4.  Severe skeletal lesions, osteopenia and growth deficit in a child with pulmonary tuberculosis (mid-20th century, Portugal).LinkIT
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5.  Humic extracts from hydrochar and Amazonian Anthrosol: Molecular features and metal binding properties using EEM-PARAFAC and 2D FTIR correlation analyses.LinkIT
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6.  Fermentation in fine cocoa type Scavina: Change in standard quality as the effect of use of starters yeast in fermentation.LinkIT
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7.  Varus alignment after total knee arthroplasty results in greater axial rotation during deep knee bend activity.LinkIT
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8.  Distance measurement for pulse wave velocity estimation in pediatric age: Comparison with intra-arterial path length.LinkIT
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9.  Two years of post-wildfire impacts on dissolved organic matter, nitrogen, and precursors of disinfection by-products in California stream waters.LinkIT
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10.  Age-dependent effect of APOE and polygenic component on Alzheimer's disease.LinkIT
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