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   Pollachius pollachius (Grazniak) 

   Gadus pollachius 
   Pollachius pollachius (Pollock) 

Broader Terms:
   Gadiformes (hakes) 
   Gadus (common codfishes) 
   Pollachius (pollocks) 
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Gadus pollachius
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31.  The genera Ceratomyxa Thélohan, 1892, Leptotheca Thélohan, 1895 and Sphaeromyxa Thélohan, 1892 (Myxosporea: Bivalvulida) in gadid fish of the northeast Atlantic.LinkIT
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34.  Distribution of whaleworm (Anisakis simplex, Nematoda, Ascaridoidea) L3 larvae in three species of marine fish; saithe (Pollachius virens (L.)), cod (Gadus morhua L.) and redfish (Sebastes marinus (L.)) from Norwegian waters.LinkIT
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35.  On the occurrence and morphology of Gyrodactylus pterygialis from saithe Pollachius virens in a Norwegian fjord.LinkIT
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36.  A study of the composition of fish liver and body oil triglycerides.LinkIT
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38.  Cholinergic and adrenergic influence on the teleost heart in vivo.LinkIT
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