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   Alburnoides bipunctatus (Govedarka) 
   Gobio gobio gobio (Govedarka) 

   Alburnoides bipunctatus (Bleak) 
   Cyprinus bipunctatus 
   Cyprinus gobio 
   Gobio cynocephalus (Siberian gudgeon) 
   Gobio gobio (Issyk-Kul gudgeon) 
   Gobio gobio gobio (Issyk-Kul gudgeon) 

Broader Terms:
   Cypriniformes (suckers) 
   Cyprinus (common carps) 
   Gobio gobio (Gudgeon) 

More Specific:
   Alburnoides bipunctatus ohridanus 
   Alburnoides bipunctatus strymonicus 
   Gobio gobio balcanicus 
   Gobio gobio gobio (Gudgeon) 
   Gobio gobio tungussicus (Lena gudgeon) 
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Cyprinus bipunctatus
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81.  Habitat segregation mediates predation by the benthic fish Cottus gobio on the exotic amphipod species Gammarus roeseli.LinkIT
Kaldonski N, Lagrue C, Motreuil S, Rigaud T, Bollache L
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2008

82.  Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in 0+ juvenile cyprinids and sediments of the Po River.LinkIT
Viganò L, Roscioli C, Erratico C, Guzzella L
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology, 2008

83.  Molecular phylogeny of the genus Gobio Cuvier, 1816 (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) and its contribution to taxonomy.LinkIT
Mendel J, Lusk S, Vasil'eva ED, Vasil'ev VP, Lusková V, Ekmekci FG, Erk'akan F, Ruchin A, Kosco J, Vetesník L, Halacka K, Sanda R, Pashkov AN, Reshetnikov SI
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2008

84.  Colonization history of the Swiss Rhine basin by the bullhead (Cottus gobio): inference under a Bayesian spatially explicit framework.LinkIT
Neuenschwander S, Largiadèr CR, Ray N, Currat M, Vonlanthen P, Excoffier L
Molecular ecology, 2008

85.  Chromosome studies of European cyprinid fishes: interspecific homology of leuciscine cytotaxonomic marker-the largest subtelocentric chromosome pair as revealed by cross-species painting.LinkIT
Ráb P, Rábová M, Pereira CS, Collares-Pereira MJ, Pelikánová S
Chromosome research : an international journal on the molecular, supramolecular and evolutionary aspects of chromosome biology, 2008

86.  [The role of paratenic hosts in the life cycles of helminths].LinkIT
Okulewicz A
Wiadomosci parazytologiczne, 2008

87.  The evolution of fish ectoparasite communities--the role of the ice ages.LinkIT
Harris PD
Wiadomosci parazytologiczne, 2008

88.  Modification of hosts' behavior by a parasite: field evidence for adaptive manipulation.LinkIT
Lagrue C, Kaldonski N, Perrot-Minnot MJ, Motreuil S, Bollache L
Ecology, 2007

89.  Genetic analysis of potential postglacial watershed crossings in Central Europe by the bullhead (Cottus gobio L.).LinkIT
Vonlanthen P, Excoffier L, Bittner D, Persat H, Neuenschwander S, Largiadèr CR
Molecular ecology, 2007

90.  Simulation of the physical habitat suitability of bullhead (Cottus gobio L.) in the Zwalm River.LinkIT
Mouton A, Schneider M, Goethals PL, De Pauw N
Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences, 2007