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   Alburnoides bipunctatus (Govedarka) 
   Gobio gobio gobio (Govedarka) 

   Alburnoides bipunctatus (Bystranka) 
   Cyprinus bipunctatus 
   Cyprinus gobio 
   Gobio cynocephalus (Siberian gudgeon) 
   Gobio gobio (Gudgeon) 
   Gobio gobio gobio (Issyk-Kul gudgeon) 

Broader Terms:
   Cypriniformes (minnows) 
   Cyprinus (common carps) 
   Gobio gobio (Gudgeon) 

More Specific:
   Alburnoides bipunctatus ohridanus 
   Alburnoides bipunctatus strymonicus 
   Gobio gobio balcanicus 
   Gobio gobio gobio (Issyk-Kul gudgeon) 
   Gobio gobio tungussicus (Lena gudgeon) 
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Gobio gobio
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31.  A new species of Bothriocephalus Rudolphi, 1808 (Eucestoda: Bothriocephalidea) from the channel bull blenny Cottoperca gobio (Günther) (Perciformes: Bovichtidae) on the Patagonian shelf off Argentina.LinkIT
Gil de Pertierra AA, Arredondo NJ, Kuchta R, Incorvaia IS
Systematic parasitology, 2015

32.  Temporal distribution of accumulated metal mixtures in two feral fish species and the relation with condition metrics and community structure.LinkIT
De Jonge M, Belpaire C, Van Thuyne G, Breine J, Bervoets L
Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987), 2015

33.  Helminthofauna of Ohrid gudgeon (Gobio ohridanus Karaman, 1924) from the Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.LinkIT
Stojanovski S, Bla?ekovic-Dimovska D, Karabolovski N, Velkova-Jordanoska L, Rokicki J, Smiljkov S
Annals of parasitology, 2015

34.  Invasibility of Mediterranean-climate rivers by non-native fish: the importance of environmental drivers and human pressures.LinkIT
Ilhéu M, Matono P, Bernardo JM
PloS one, 2014

35.  Effects of cadmium exposure on the gill proteome of Cottus gobio: modulatory effects of prior thermal acclimation.LinkIT
Dorts J, Kestemont P, Thézenas ML, Raes M, Silvestre F
Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2014

36.  Trace metal concentration and fish size: variation among fish species in a Mediterranean river.LinkIT
Merciai R, Guasch H, Kumar A, Sabater S, García-Berthou E
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2014

37.  Are in vitro methods for the detection of endocrine potentials in the aquatic environment predictive for in vivo effects? Outcomes of the Projects SchussenAktiv and SchussenAktivplus in the Lake Constance Area, Germany.LinkIT
Henneberg A, Bender K, Blaha L, Giebner S, Kuch B, Köhler HR, Maier D, Oehlmann J, Richter D, Scheurer M, Schulte-Oehlmann U, Sieratowicz A, Ziebart S, Triebskorn R
PloS one, 2014

38.  Genetic heterogeneity reveals on-going speciation and cryptic taxonomic diversity of stream-dwelling gudgeons (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in the middle Danubian hydrosystem (Hungary).LinkIT
Takács P, Bihari P, Er?s T, Specziár A, Szivák I, Bíró P, Csoma E
PloS one, 2014

39.  [Differences in the infestation rate of young cyprinid fishes (Cypriniformes) by metacercaria of Posthodiplostomum Cuticola (Digenea, Diplostomatidae) in river and lake systems of the Lake Chany basin (Western Siberia)].LinkIT
Iadrenkina EN
Parazitologiia, 2015

40.  [Character of changes of the level of serotonin-modulating anticonsolidation protein and of cytochrome P-450 in tissues of the eastern alburnoid Alburnoides bipunctatus eichwaldi from rivers of Azerbaijan].LinkIT
Mustafayev MJ, Mekhtiev AA
Zhurnal evoliutsionnoi biokhimii i fiziologii, 2015