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1.  Additions to the genus Chroogomphus (Boletales, Gomphidiaceae) from Pakistan.LinkIT
Kiran M, Sattar A, Zamir K, Haelewaters D, Khalid AN
MycoKeys, 2020

2.  Hypoglycemic effects of polysaccharides from Gomphidiaceae rutilus fruiting bodies and their mechanisms.LinkIT
Yang S, Qu Y, Zhang H, Xue Z, Liu T, Yang L, Sun L, Zhou Y, Fan Y
Food & function, 2020

3.  Diversity of Chroogomphus (Gomphidiaceae, Boletales) in Europe, and typification of C. rutilus.LinkIT
Scambler R, Niskanen T, Assyov B, Ainsworth AM, Bellanger JM, Loizides M, Moreau PA, Kirk PM, Liimatainen K
IMA fungus, 2018

4.  A new chromene from the fruiting bodies of Chroogomphus rutilus.LinkIT
Luo J, Zhang C, Zhu H, Jin X, Cao S, Jin M, Jiang Z, Zheng M, Li G
Natural product research, 2015

5.  The Gomphidiaceae revisited: a worldwide perspective.LinkIT
Miller OK
Mycologia, 2012

6.  Molecular tools for the identification of ectomycorrhizal fungi--taxon-specific oligonucleotide probes for suilloid fungi.LinkIT
Bruns TD, Gardes M
Molecular ecology, 1993