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   Ctenogobius boleosoma (darter goby) 
   Gobionellis boleosoma 
   Gobionellus boleosoma (darter goby) 
   Gobionellus boleosona 
   Gobius boleosoma 

Broader Terms:
   Gobionellus (darter gobies) 
   Gobius (gobies) 
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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Common Names: Esmeralda flechera, darter goby, Amoré, Rondon

1.  Gill Morphology and Na+/K+-ATPase Activity of Gobionellus oceanicus (Teleostei: Gobiidae) in an Estuarine System.LinkIT
da Mota Araujo HR, Fernandes MN, da Cruz AL
Biological trace element research, 2019

2.  The integument of the nonamphibious goby Gobionellus oceanicus: Its functional morphology and respiratory capacity.LinkIT
Aguilar L, Leite RN, Ferreira CA, da Cruz AL
Journal of morphology, 2018

3.  Changes in the composition of ichthyoplankton assemblage and plastic debris in mangrove creeks relative to moon phases.LinkIT
Lima AR, Barletta M, Costa MF, Ramos JA, Dantas DV, Melo PA, Justino AK, Ferreira GV
Journal of fish biology, 2016

4.  Cadmium and lead in seafood from the Aratu Bay, Brazil and the human health risk assessment.LinkIT
Silva da Araújo CF, Lopes MV, Vaz Ribeiro MR, Porcino TS, Vaz Ribeiro AS, Rodrigues JL, do Prado Oliveira SS, Menezes-Filho JA
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2016

5.  First Record of Paratenic Hosts of the Swimbladder Nematode Anguillicola crassus in North America.LinkIT
Li W, Arnott SA, Jones KM, Braicovich PE, de Buron I, Wang G, Marcogliese DJ
The Journal of parasitology, 2015

6.  A revision of the fish genus Oxyurichthys (Gobioidei: Gobiidae) with descriptions of four new species.LinkIT
Pezold FL, Larson HK
Zootaxa, 2015

7.  Phylogenetic relationships of Goneaperca and the evolution of parental care in darters (Teleostei: Percidae).LinkIT
Harrington RC, Near TJ
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2015

8.  Occurrence of Gobiidae larvae in a tropical Brazilian estuary, with particular emphasis on the use of size classes to categorize species guilds.LinkIT
Gomes EA, Campos PN, Bonecker AC
Journal of fish biology, 2014

9.  Chromosomal mapping of repetitive DNAs in Gobionellus oceanicus and G. stomatus (Gobiidae; Perciformes): A shared XX/XY system and an unusual distribution of 5S rDNA sites on the Y chromosome.LinkIT
Lima-Filho PA, Amorim KD, Cioffi MB, Bertollo LA, Molina WF
Cytogenetic and genome research, 2014

10.  Karyotype divergence and spreading of 5S rDNA sequences between genomes of two species: darter and emerald gobies ( Ctenogobius , Gobiidae).LinkIT
Lima-Filho PA, Bertollo LA, Cioffi MB, Costa GW, Molina WF
Cytogenetic and genome research, 2014