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   Glycine canescens (Silky Glycine) 
   Glycine clandestina (Twining Glycine) 
   Glycine tabacina (glycine) 
   Glycine tomentella (Woolly Glycine) 

   Glycine (soybean) 
   Glycine tabacina (glycine) 
   Glycine tomentella (Woolly Glycine) 

Broader Terms:
   Fabaceae (bean) 
   Glycine (soybean) 

More Specific:
   Glycine (soybean) 
   Glycine abrus 
   Glycine abyssinica 
   Glycine albicans 
   Glycine albidiflora 
   Glycine ambigua 
   Glycine americana 
   Glycine andersoni 
   Glycine andongensis 
   Glycine angulata 
   Glycine angulosa 
   Glycine angustifolia 
   Glycine anonychia 
   Glycine aphyonota 
   Glycine apios (wild bean) 
   Glycine arborea 
   Glycine arenaria 
   Glycine argentea 
   Glycine argyrea 
   Glycine atomaria 
   Glycine atrorubra 
   Glycine aurea 
   Glycine axilliflora 
   Glycine backhousiana 
   Glycine bequaerti 
   Glycine bequaertii 
   Glycine biflora 
   Glycine biloba 
   Glycine bimaculata 
   Glycine bituminosa 
   Glycine borianii 
   Glycine botrydium 
   Glycine brachybotria 
   Glycine bracteata 
   Glycine buettneri 
   Glycine bujacia 
   Glycine bujasia 
   Glycine caerulea 
   Glycine cajanoides 
   Glycine cana 
   Glycine canescens (Silky Glycine) 
   Glycine capitata 
   Glycine caribaea 
   Glycine caroliniana 
   Glycine chinensis 
   Glycine claessensi 
   Glycine claessensii 
   Glycine clandestina (Twining Glycine) 
   Glycine clandestina clandestina 
   Glycine clandestina latrobeana 
   Glycine clandestina sericea 
   Glycine coccinea 
   Glycine comosa 
   Glycine comptoniana 
   Glycine corallina 
   Glycine cordifolia 
   Glycine crinata 
   Glycine crinita 
   Glycine curvata 
   Glycine cyanea 
   Glycine cyaneus 
   Glycine cylindriflora 
   Glycine cyrtoloba 
   Glycine dalbergioides 
   Glycine debilis 
   Glycine densiflora 
   Glycine dentata 
   Glycine diffusa 
   Glycine digitata 
   Glycine dilecta 
   Glycine discolor 
   Glycine dolichocarpa 
   Glycine dolichoides 
   Glycine dubia 
   Glycine elegans 
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Glycine clandestina
Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Did you mean: Glicina or Glicine?

Common Names: soybean

1.  Altered calcium handling in cardiomyocytes from arginine:glycine amidinotransferase knockout mice is rescued by creatine.LinkIT
Laasmaa M, Branovets J, Barsunova K, Karro N, Lygate CA, Birkedal R, Vendelin M
American journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology, 2020

2.  Prenatal and Early Postnatal Cerebral d-Aspartate Depletion Influences l-Amino Acid Pathways, Bioenergetic processes, and Developmental Brain Metabolism.LinkIT
Grimaldi M, Marino C, Buonocore M, Santoro A, Sommella E, Merciai F, Salviati E, De Rosa A, Nuzzo T, Errico F, Campiglia P, Usiello A, D'Ursi AM
Journal of proteome research, 2020

3.  Metabolomics study of cerebrospinal fluid from diabetic rats with cognitive impairment simultaneously treated with Panax quinquefolius and Acorus gramineus.LinkIT
Yang Y, Wang D, Zhao Y, Wang Y, Bi Y, Bi T
Biomedical chromatography : BMC, 2020

4.  Development of Novel Antibody-Camptothecin Conjugates.LinkIT
Lyski RD, Bou LB, Lau UY, Meyer DW, Cochran JH, Okeley NM, Emmerton KK, Zapata F, Simmons JK, Trueblood ES, Ortiz DJ, Zaval MC, Snead KM, Jin S, Farr LM, Ryan MC, Senter PD, Jeffrey SC
Molecular cancer therapeutics, 2020

5.  Removing the C-terminal protecting group enlarges the crystal size: Z-(Gly-Aib)2-OH·H2O.LinkIT
Gessmann R, Brückner H, Petratos K
Acta crystallographica. Section C, Structural chemistry, 2020

6.  Detection of U-87 Tumor Cells by RGD-Functionalized/Gd-Containing Giant Unilamellar Vesicles in Magnetization Transfer Contrast Magnetic Resonance Images.LinkIT
Ferrauto G, Tripepi M, Di Gregorio E, Bitonto V, Aime S, Delli Castelli D
Investigative radiology, 2020

7.  Assessing the role of amino acids in systemic inflammation and organ failure in patients with ACLF.LinkIT
Zaccherini G, Aguilar F, Caraceni P, Clària J, Lozano JJ, Fenaille F, Castelli F, Junot C, Curto A, Formentin C, Weiss E, Bernardi M, Jalan R, Angeli P, Moreau R, Arroyo V
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8.  Bile acids profile, histopathological indices and genetic variants for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease progression.LinkIT
Nimer N, Choucair I, Wang Z, Nemet I, Li L, Gukasyan J, Weeks TL, Alkhouri N, Zein N, Tang WHW, Fischbach MA, Brown JM, Allayee H, Dasarathy S, Gogonea V, Hazen SL
Metabolism: clinical and experimental, 2020

9.  Correlation between serum microRNA-136 levels and RAAS biochemical markers in patients with essential hypertension.LinkIT
Chu HT, Li L, Jia M, Diao LL, Li ZB
European review for medical and pharmacological sciences, 2020

10.  Path Analysis between Pest Occurrence and Nutritional Status of Soybean under Phosphate Fertilization.LinkIT
Barboza Silva L, Da Silva Oliveira A, Carneiro E, Henrique Ferreira Rodrigues R, Gomes De Sousa MN, Carlos Medeiros J, Ettore Pavan B, Carolina Farias E Silva M, Rodrigues De Brito R
Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS, 2020