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   Gloeophyllum abietinellum 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum abietinum 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum incrassata 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum incrassatum 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum resupinata 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum resupinatum 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum umbrinum 
   Gloeophyllum abietinum umbrinus 
   Gloeophyllum berkeleyi 
   Gloeophyllum carbonarium 
   Gloeophyllum caucasicum 
   Gloeophyllum cinnamomeum 
   Gloeophyllum concentricum 
   Gloeophyllum croceopallens 
   Gloeophyllum edule 
   Gloeophyllum erubescens 
   Gloeophyllum ferrugineum 
   Gloeophyllum fimbriatum 
   Gloeophyllum hirsutum 
   Gloeophyllum imponens 
   Gloeophyllum juniperinum 
   Gloeophyllum mexicanum 
   Gloeophyllum nigrozonatum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum globosum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum lenzitoideum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum megaloporum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum monstrosum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum odoratum 
   Gloeophyllum odoratum ptychogastriforme 
   Gloeophyllum pallidofulvum 
   Gloeophyllum protractum 
   Gloeophyllum sepiarium (Conifer Mazegill) 
   Gloeophyllum sepiarium sepiarium 
   Gloeophyllum sepiarium subferrugineum 
   Gloeophyllum septentrionalis 
   Gloeophyllum sprucei 
   Gloeophyllum striatum 
   Gloeophyllum subferrugineum 
   Gloeophyllum sulcatum 
   Gloeophyllum trabeiformis 
   Gloeophyllum trabeum 
   Gloeophyllum trabeum resupinatum 
   Gloeophyllum trabeum trabeum 
   Gloeophyllum trabeum trameteum 
   Gloeophyllum ungulatum 
   Gloeophyllum vinaceibrunneum 
   Gloeophyllum vinaceobrunneum 
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Gloeophyllum sepiarium
Stuart Dunlop - Northern Ireland Fungus Group

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1.  Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Metal-Containing Linseed Oil-Based Waterborne Urethane Oil Wood Coatings.LinkIT
Lu KT, Chang JP
Polymers, 2020

2.  Bio-based Preservative using Methyl-?-cyclodextrin-Essential Oil Complexes for Wood Protection.LinkIT
Cai L, Lim H, Nicholas DD, Kim Y
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2020

3.  Biodegradation inducers to enhance wheat straw pretreatment by Gloeophyllum trabeum to second-generation ethanol production.LinkIT
Hermosilla E, Schalchli H, Diez MC
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

4.  Steroid sulfatase inhibiting lanostane triterpenes - Structure activity relationship and in silico insights.LinkIT
Grienke U, Kaserer T, Kirchweger B, Lambrinidis G, Kandel RT, Foster PA, Schuster D, Mikros E, Rollinger JM
Bioorganic chemistry, 2020

5.  Effect of Acaromyces Ingoldii Secondary Metabolites on the Growth of Brown-Rot (Gloeophyllum Trabeum) and White-Rot (Trametes Versicolor) Fungi.LinkIT
Olatinwo R, So CL, Eberhardt TL
Mycobiology, 2019

6.  The secretome of two representative lignocellulose-decay basidiomycetes growing on sugarcane bagasse solid-state cultures.LinkIT
Valadares F, Gonçalves TA, Damasio A, Milagres AM, Squina FM, Segato F, Ferraz A
Enzyme and microbial technology, 2019

7.  Resistance of in natura and torrefied wood chips to xylophage fungi.LinkIT
Castro VR, de Castro Freitas MP, Zanuncio AJV, Zanuncio JC, Surdi PG, Carneiro ACO, Vital BR
Scientific reports, 2019

8.  Synthesis, Compound, Emulsification, and Antibacterial Activity of Modified 1,2,4-Trizaole Derivatives.LinkIT
Guo H, Dong Y, Zhu S, Que H, Lu X, Zhu X, Cheng K, Gu X
ACS omega, 2019

9.  Phenolic profiles, antioxidant, and anticholinesterase activities of three Gloeophyllum species with chemometric approach.LinkIT
Tel-Çayan G
Journal of food biochemistry, 2019

10.  Taxonomy of the Sphaerostilbella broomeana-group (Hypocreales, Ascomycota).LinkIT
Põldmaa K, Bills G, Lewis DP, Tamm H
Mycological progress, 2019