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   Lagomorpha (pikas) 
   Rodentia (rodents) 
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Common Names: Rodents and rabbits

1.  Neofunctionalization of the UCP1 mediated the non-shivering thermogenesis in the evolution of small-sized placental mammals.LinkIT
Mendes T, Silva L, Almeida D, Antunes A
Genomics, 2020

2.  Asymmetric Distribution of Gene Trees Can Arise under Purifying Selection If Differences in Population Size Exist.LinkIT
He C, Liang D, Zhang P
Molecular biology and evolution, 2020

3.  Molecular evolution of mammalian genes with epistatic interactions in fertilization.LinkIT
Morgan CC, Hart MW
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

4.  Congruence, fossils and the evolutionary tree of rodents and lagomorphs.LinkIT
Asher RJ, Smith MR, Rankin A, Emry RJ
Royal Society open science, 2019

5.  Mechanical significance of morphological variation in diprotodont incisors.LinkIT
Morris PJR, Cox PG, Cobb SN
Royal Society open science, 2019

6.  Evolution of CCL16 in Glires (Rodentia and Lagomorpha) shows an unusual random pseudogenization pattern.LinkIT
Neves F, Abrantes J, Lopes AM, Fusinatto LA, Magalhães MJ, van der Loo W, Esteves PJ
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

7.  Oldest ctenodactyloid tarsals from the Eocene of China and evolution of locomotor adaptations in early rodents.LinkIT
Fostowicz-Frelik ?, Li Q, Ni X
BMC evolutionary biology, 2018

8.  A new Eocene anagalid (Mammalia: Euarchontoglires) from Mongolia and its implications for the group's phylogeny and dispersal.LinkIT
López-Torres S, Fostowicz-Frelik ?
Scientific reports, 2018

9.  Comparative Morphology of the Lingual Papillae and Their Connective Tissue Cores in the Tongue of Pallas's Squirrel (Callosciurus erythraeus thai, Kloss, 1917).LinkIT
Yoshimura K, Shindo J, Kageyama I
Zoological science, 2018

10.  Investigating Difficult Nodes in the Placental Mammal Tree with Expanded Taxon Sampling and Thousands of Ultraconserved Elements.LinkIT
Esselstyn JA, Oliveros CH, Swanson MT, Faircloth BC
Genome biology and evolution, 2017