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Broader Terms:
   Hylidae (treefrogs) 

More Specific:
   Gastrotheca abdita 
   Gastrotheca albolineata 
   Gastrotheca andaquiensis 
   Gastrotheca angustifrons 
   Gastrotheca antomia 
   Gastrotheca areolata 
   Gastrotheca argenteovirens 
   Gastrotheca atympana 
   Gastrotheca aureomaculata 
   Gastrotheca bilobata 
   Gastrotheca bituberculata 
   Gastrotheca bivittata 
   Gastrotheca boliviana 
   Gastrotheca bufona 
   Gastrotheca capensis 
   Gastrotheca caudata 
   Gastrotheca ceratophrys 
   Gastrotheca christiani 
   Gastrotheca chrysosticta 
   Gastrotheca cornuta 
   Gastrotheca dendronastes 
   Gastrotheca dunni 
   Gastrotheca ernestoi 
   Gastrotheca espeletia 
   Gastrotheca excisa 
   Gastrotheca excubitor 
   Gastrotheca fissipes 
   Gastrotheca fitzgeraldi 
   Gastrotheca furcata 
   Gastrotheca galeata 
   Gastrotheca gracilis 
   Gastrotheca griswoldi 
   Gastrotheca guentheri 
   Gastrotheca helenae 
   Gastrotheca humbertoi 
   Gastrotheca lateonota 
   Gastrotheca lauzurica 
   Gastrotheca lauzuricae 
   Gastrotheca litonedis 
   Gastrotheca longipes 
   Gastrotheca longiseta 
   Gastrotheca marsupiata 
   Gastrotheca marsupiatum 
   Gastrotheca medemi 
   Gastrotheca melanocera 
   Gastrotheca mertensi 
   Gastrotheca microdisca 
   Gastrotheca microdiscus 
   Gastrotheca monticola 
   Gastrotheca nicefori 
   Gastrotheca nicefori descampsi 
   Gastrotheca ochoai 
   Gastrotheca orophylax 
   Gastrotheca ovifera 
   Gastrotheca pacchamama 
   Gastrotheca peruana 
   Gastrotheca piperata 
   Gastrotheca plumbea 
   Gastrotheca pseustes 
   Gastrotheca psychrophila 
   Gastrotheca rebeccae 
   Gastrotheca riobambae 
   Gastrotheca ruizi 
   Gastrotheca splendens 
   Gastrotheca stictopleura 
   Gastrotheca sulphurea 
   Gastrotheca sumatrana 
   Gastrotheca testudinea 
   Gastrotheca trachyceps 
   Gastrotheca trimaculata 
   Gastrotheca viridis 
   Gastrotheca viviparum 
   Gastrotheca walkeri 
   Gastrotheca weinlandii 
   Gastrotheca williamsoni 
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Common Names: marsupial frogs

1.  Microbiological and cytological characterization of coelomic fluid from three captive endangered amphibian Gastrotheca species with edema syndrome: preliminary analysis.LinkIT
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BMC research notes, 2019

2.  Phylogenetic systematics, ecology, and conservation of marsupial frogs (Anura: Hemiphractidae) from the Andes of southern Ecuador, with descriptions of four new biphasic species.LinkIT
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3.  The vocalization of Gastrotheca fissipes (Boulenger, 1888) (Anura, Hemiphractidae) from the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil.LinkIT
Roberto IJ, Santos EMD, De Carvalho TR
Zootaxa, 2019

4.  Embryogenesis of Marsupial Frogs (Hemiphractidae), and the Changes that Accompany Terrestrial Development in Frogs.LinkIT
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Results and problems in cell differentiation, 2019

5.  The extraordinary biology and development of marsupial frogs (Hemiphractidae) in comparison with fish, mammals, birds, amphibians and other animals.LinkIT
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Mechanisms of development, 2018

6.  Analysis of Cell Size in the Gastrula of Ten Frog Species Reveals a Correlation of Egg with Cell Sizes, and a Conserved Pattern of Small Cells in the Marginal Zone.LinkIT
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7.  Pouch brooding marsupial frogs transfer nutrients to developing embryos.LinkIT
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8.  Transcription factors Mix1 and VegT, relocalization of vegt mRNA, and conserved endoderm and dorsal specification in frogs.LinkIT
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9.  Geographic distribution of Gastrotheca fissipes (Boulenger, 1888) (Anura: Hemiphractidae) in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.LinkIT
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