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   Epinephelus fasciatus (Garoupa bandeireira) 

   Epinephalus fasciatus 
   Epinephelus fasciatus (Banded rock cod) 
   Epinephelus septemfasciatus (convict grouper) 
   Perca fasciata 

Broader Terms:
   Epinephelus (groupers) 
   Perca (yellow perches) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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31.  The Paraty artisanal fishery (southeastern Brazilian coast): ethnoecology and management of a social-ecological system (SES).LinkIT
Begossi A, Salyvonchyk S, Nora V, Lopes PF, Silvano RA
Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 2012

32.  Field tests of Poly(I:C) immunization with nervous necrosis virus (NNV) in sevenband grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus (Thunberg).LinkIT
Oh MJ, Takami I, Nishizawa T, Kim WS, Kim CS, Kim SR, Park MA
Journal of fish diseases, 2012

33.  Potentiality of a live vaccine with nervous necrosis virus (NNV) for sevenband grouper Epinephelus septemfasciatus at a low rearing temperature.LinkIT
Nishizawa T, Gye HJ, Takami I, Oh MJ
Vaccine, 2012

34.  Sperm ultrastructure of Helicometra epinepheli (Platyhelminthes, Digenea, Opecoelidae), parasite of Epinephelus fasciatus (Pisces, Teleostei).LinkIT
Quilichini Y, Foata J, Justine JL, Bray RA, Marchand B
Histology and histopathology, 2011

35.  Anti-viral effects of interferon administration on sevenband grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus.LinkIT
Ohta T, Ueda Y, Ito K, Miura C, Yamashita H, Miura T, Tozawa Y
Fish & shellfish immunology, 2011

36.  Cryopreservation of sperm from seven-band grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus.LinkIT
Koh IC, Yokoi K, Tsuji M, Tsuchihashi Y, Ohta H
Cryobiology, 2010

37.  Neutralizing antibody levels for protection against betanodavirus infection in sevenband grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus (Thunberg), immunized with an inactivated virus vaccine.LinkIT
Yamashita H, Mori K, Kuroda A, Nakai T
Journal of fish diseases, 2009

38.  Seven new species of Ceratomyxa Thélohan, 1892 (Myxozoa) from the gall-bladders of serranid fishes from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.LinkIT
Gunter NL, Adlard RD
Systematic parasitology, 2009

39.  Fish immunization using a synthetic double-stranded RNA Poly(I:C), an interferon inducer, offers protection against RGNNV, a fish nodavirus.LinkIT
Nishizawa T, Takami I, Kokawa Y, Yoshimizu M
Diseases of aquatic organisms, 2009

40.  Protection conferred against viral nervous necrosis by simultaneous inoculation of aquabirnavirus and inactivated betanodavirus in the sevenband grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus (Thunberg).LinkIT
Yamashita H, Mori K, Nakai T
Journal of fish diseases, 2009