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1.  Antitrypanosomal butanolides from Aiouea trinervis.LinkIT
Nunes FO, de Almeida JM, Ferreira AMT, da Cruz LA, Jacob CMB, Garcez WS, Garcez FR
EXCLI journal, 2020

2.  Chitotetraose activates the fungal-dependent endosymbiotic signaling pathway in actinorhizal plant species.LinkIT
Chabaud M, Fournier J, Brichet L, Abdou-Pavy I, Imanishi L, Brottier L, Pirolles E, Hocher V, Franche C, Bogusz D, Wall LG, Svistoonoff S, Gherbi H, Barker DG
PloS one, 2019

3.  Vagrant birds as a dispersal vector in transoceanic range expansion of vascular plants.LinkIT
Kalwij JM, Medan D, Kellermann J, Greve M, Chown SL
Scientific reports, 2019

4.  Plastome Sequences Help to Resolve Deep-Level Relationships of Populus in the Family Salicaceae.LinkIT
Zong D, Gan P, Zhou A, Zhang Y, Zou X, Duan A, Song Y, He C
Frontiers in plant science, 2019

5.  Cell remodeling and subtilase gene expression in the actinorhizal plant Discaria trinervis highlight host orchestration of intercellular Frankia colonization.LinkIT
Fournier J, Imanishi L, Chabaud M, Abdou-Pavy I, Genre A, Brichet L, Lascano HR, Muñoz N, Vayssières A, Pirolles E, Brottier L, Gherbi H, Hocher V, Svistoonoff S, Barker DG, Wall LG
The New phytologist, 2018

6.  Chemical characterization and cytotoxic, genotoxic, and mutagenic properties of Baccharis trinervis (Lam, Persoon) from Colombia and Brazil.LinkIT
Jaramillo-García V, Trindade C, Lima E, Guecheva TN, Villela I, Martinez-Lopez W, Corrêa DS, Ferraz ABF, Moura S, Sosa MQ, Da Silva J, Henriques JAP
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2018

7.  Frankia discariae sp. nov.: an infective and effective microsymbiont isolated from the root nodule of Discaria trinervis.LinkIT
Nouioui I, Del Carmen Montero-Calasanz M, Ghodhbane-Gtari F, Rohde M, Tisa LS, Klenk HP, Gtari M
Archives of microbiology, 2017

8.  Role of auxin during intercellular infection of Discaria trinervis by Frankia.LinkIT
Imanishi L, Perrine-Walker FM, Ndour A, Vayssières A, Conejero G, Lucas M, Champion A, Laplaze L, Wall L, Svistoonoff S
Frontiers in plant science, 2014

9.  Evaluation of the genotoxic activity of ethanol extract and secondary metabolites isolated from Aiouea trinervis Meisn. (Lauraceae).LinkIT
Guterres ZR, Garcez FR, Garcez WS, Silva LM, Silva AF, Duarte CU, Batista-Silva VF
Genetics and molecular research : GMR, 2014

10.  The independent acquisition of plant root nitrogen-fixing symbiosis in Fabids recruited the same genetic pathway for nodule organogenesis.LinkIT
Svistoonoff S, Benabdoun FM, Nambiar-Veetil M, Imanishi L, Vaissayre V, Cesari S, Diagne N, Hocher V, de Billy F, Bonneau J, Wall L, Ykhlef N, Rosenberg C, Bogusz D, Franche C, Gherbi H
PloS one, 2013