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   Gadus mediterraneus 
   Gaidropsarus mediterraneus (shore rockling) 
   Gaidropsaurus mediterraneus 

Broader Terms:
   Caviinae (Cavies) 
   Gadiformes (cods) 
   Gadus (common codfishes) 
   Gaidropsarus (three-bearded rocklings) 

More Specific:
   Galea flavidens (Yellow-toothed Cavy) 
   Galea musteloides (Common Yellow-toothed Cavy) 
   Galea spixii (Spix's Yellow-toothed Cavy) 
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61.  The Effects of Sequential Galeotomies and Galea Aponeurectomies on Scalp Flap Advancement.LinkIT
Tyrell R, Choi YK, Tuncer F, Maglic D, Holoyda K, Hosein R, Gociman B
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 2021

62.  Redefining Medicine's Relationship With the Media in the Era of COVID-19.LinkIT
Carlo AD, Barnett BS, Essien UR, Galea S
American journal of preventive medicine, 2021

63.  Exposome-based public health interventions for infectious diseases in urban settings.LinkIT
Andrianou XD, Pronk A, Galea KS, Stierum R, Loh M, Riccardo F, Pezzotti P, Makris KC
Environment international, 2021

64.  Learning From the US COVID-19 Response Toward Creating a Healthier Country.LinkIT
Galea S, Ettman CK, Abdalla SM
American journal of public health, 2020

65.  Erratum to: Which Preoperative Factors are Associated with Not Attaining Acceptable Levels of Pain and Function After TKA? Findings from an International Multicenter Study.LinkIT
Connelly JW, Galea VP, Rojanasopondist P, Nielsen CS, Bragdon CR, Kappel A, Huddleston JI, Malchau H, Troelsen A
Clinical orthopaedics and related research, 2020

66.  The effects of education levels of developmental care in Australia: Perceptions and challenges.LinkIT
Griffiths N, Spence K, Galea C, Psaila K, Foureur M, Sinclair L
Australian critical care : official journal of the Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses, 2020

67.  Use of the new Lake Louise Criteria improves CMR detection of atypical forms of acute myocarditis.LinkIT
Cundari G, Galea N, De Rubeis G, Frustaci A, Cilia F, Mancuso G, Marchitelli L, Catapano F, Carbone I, Catalano C, Francone M
The international journal of cardiovascular imaging, 2020

68.  Increased H3K4me3 methylation and decreased miR-7113-5p expression lead to enhanced Wnt/?-catenin signaling in immune cells from PTSD patients leading to inflammatory phenotype.LinkIT
Bam M, Yang X, Busbee BP, Aiello AE, Uddin M, Ginsberg JP, Galea S, Nagarkatti PS, Nagarkatti M
Molecular medicine (Cambridge, Mass.), 2020

69.  Smoking cessation potential among newly diagnosed cancer patients: a population-based study of the ten most common cancers in Massachusetts, USA, 2008-2013.LinkIT
Stang A, Knowlton R, Rekowski J, Gershman ST, Galea S
Annals of epidemiology, 2020

70.  Claiming Health as a Public Good in the Post-COVID-19 Era.LinkIT
Abdalla SM, Maani N, Ettman CK, Galea S
Development (Society for International Development), 2020