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   Gaidropsarus mediterraneus (Galea) 

   Gadus mediterraneus 
   Gaidropsarus mediterraneus (Mediterranean three-barbeled rockling) 
   Gaidropsaurus mediterraneus 

Broader Terms:
   Caviinae (Cavies) 
   Gadiformes (gadiforms) 
   Gadus (common codfishes) 
   Gaidropsarus (threebearded rocklings) 

More Specific:
   Galea flavidens (Yellow-toothed Cavy) 
   Galea galea 
   Galea koryka 
   Galea monasteriensis 
   Galea musteloide 
   Galea musteloides (Common Yellow-toothed Cavy) 
   Galea musteloides musteloides 
   Galea ortodonta 
   Galea saxatilis 
   Galea spixii (Spix's Yellow-toothed Cavy) 
   Galea tixiensis 
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1.  The impact of psychopathology, social adversity and stress-relevant DNA methylation on prospective risk for post-traumatic stress: A machine learning approach.LinkIT
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2.  Role of advanced imaging in COVID-19 cardiovascular complications.LinkIT
Catapano F, Marchitelli L, Cundari G, Cilia F, Mancuso G, Pambianchi G, Galea N, Ricci P, Catalano C, Francone M
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3.  Inflight Transmission of COVID-19 Based on Experimental Aerosol Dispersion Data.LinkIT
Wang Z, Galea ER, Grandison A, Ewer J, Jia F
Journal of travel medicine, 2021

4.  Cell non-autonomy amplifies disruption of neurulation by mosaic Vangl2 deletion in mice.LinkIT
Galea GL, Maniou E, Edwards TJ, Marshall AR, Ampartzidis I, Greene NDE, Copp AJ
Nature communications, 2021

5.  Closing delivery gaps in the treatment of tuberculosis infection: Lessons from implementation research in Peru.LinkIT
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6.  Projected All-Cause Deaths Attributable to COVID-19-Related Unemployment in the United States.LinkIT
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American journal of public health, 2021

7.  Cities and population mental health: present and future.LinkIT
Mari J, Galea S
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8.  Latent classes of posttraumatic psychiatric comorbidity in the general population.LinkIT
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9.  Low-dose ketamine as an adjuvant for pain control in a cancer patient: a case report.LinkIT
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10.  Trends of biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in the United States by income: Disparities between the richest 20% and the poorest 80%,1999-2018.LinkIT
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