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   Fusobacteria bacterium 
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1.  Effect of chitosan microparticles on the uterine microbiome of dairy cows with metritis.LinkIT
Galvão KN, de Oliveira EB, Cunha F, Daetz R, Jones K, Ma Z, Jeong KC, Bicalho RC, Higgins CH, Rodrigues MX, Gonzalez Moreno C, Jeon S
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2020

2.  Genomic and Transcriptomic Characterisation of Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer.LinkIT
Toomey S, Gunther J, Carr A, Weksberg DC, Thomas V, Salvucci M, Bacon O, Sherif EM, Fay J, Kay EW, Sheehan KM, McNamara DA, Sanders KL, Mathew G, Breathnach OS, Grogan L, Morris PG, Foo WC, You YN, Prehn JH, O'Neill B, Krishnan S, Hennessy BT, Furney SJ
Cancers, 2020

3.  Association of microbiota in the stomach of Sinanodonta woodiana and its cultured soil.LinkIT
Tan K, Xu C, Long C
3 Biotech, 2020

4.  House dust microbiota in relation to adult asthma and atopy in a U.S. farming population.LinkIT
Lee MK, Wyss AB, Carnes MU, Richards M, Parks CG, Beane Freeman LE, Thorne PS, Umbach DM, Azcarate-Peril MA, Peddada SD, London SJ
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, 2020

5.  MicroNiche: an R package for assessing microbial niche breadth and overlap from amplicon sequencing data.LinkIT
Finn DR, Yu J, Ilhan ZE, Fernandes VMC, Penton CR, Krajmalnik-Brown R, Garcia-Pichel F, Vogel TM
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2020

6.  Dysbiosis of gut microbiota in adult idiopathic membranous nephropathy with nephrotic syndrome.LinkIT
Zhang J, Luo D, Lin Z, Zhou W, Rao J, Li Y, Wu J, Peng H, Lou T
Microbial pathogenesis, 2020

7.  Effects of supplementary feeding on the rumen morphology and bacterial diversity in lambs.LinkIT
Lv F, Wang X, Pang X, Liu G
PeerJ, 2020

8.  Environmental and host factors shaping the gut microbiota diversity of brown frog Rana dybowskii.LinkIT
Tong Q, Cui LY, Hu ZF, Du XP, Abid HM, Wang HB
The Science of the total environment, 2020

9.  Altered Composition of Gut Microbiota in Depression: A Systematic Review.LinkIT
Barandouzi ZA, Starkweather AR, Henderson WA, Gyamfi A, Cong XS
Frontiers in psychiatry, 2020

10.  Microbiological and FE-SEM Assessment of d-PTFE Membrane Exposed to Oral Environment after Alveolar Socket Preservation Managed with Granular nc-HA.LinkIT
Mazzucchi G, Lollobrigida M, Laurito D, Di Nardo D, Berlutti F, Passariello C, Serafini G, Testarelli L, De Biase A
The journal of contemporary dental practice, 2020