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   Fulica (coots) 

Broader Terms:
   Fulica (coots) 
   Rallidae (coots) 

More Specific:
   Fulica alai (hawaiian coot) 
   Fulica americana (American Coot) 
   Fulica americana alai (hawaiian coot) 
   Fulica americana americana 
   Fulica americana ardesiaca 
   Fulica americana colombiana 
   Fulica americana columbiana 
   Fulica americana peruviana 
   Fulica ardesiaca (Slate-coloured Coot) 
   Fulica ardesiaca ardesiaca 
   Fulica ardesiaca atrura 
   Fulica armillata (Red-gartered Coot) 
   Fulica atra (eurasian coot) 
   Fulica atra atra 
   Fulica atra australis 
   Fulica atra lugubris 
   Fulica atra pontica 
   Fulica caribaea (caribbean coot) 
   Fulica chathamensis 
   Fulica chathamensis prisca 
   Fulica cornuta (Horned Coot) 
   Fulica cristata (Crested Coot) 
   Fulica gigantea (Giant Coot) 
   Fulica leucoptera (White-winged Coot) 
   Fulica newtoni (Mascarene coot) 
   Fulica newtonii 
   Fulica ruficollis 
   Fulica rufifrons (Red-fronted Coot) 
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Fulica atra
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Common Names: coots, Coot

1.  How to learn to recognize conspecific brood parasitic offspring.LinkIT
Shizuka D, Lyon BE
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 2020

2.  Feathers of Three Waterfowl Bird Species from Northern Iran for Heavy Metals Biomonitoring.LinkIT
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3.  Physiology and immunity of the invasive giant African snail, Achatina (Lissachatina) fulica, intermediate host of Angiostrongylus cantonensis.LinkIT
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4.  Cysts and larvae of Strongyluris: A parasite of amphibians and reptiles found in an urban population of Lissachatina fulica (F├ęrussac, 1821) in southern Brazil.LinkIT
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5.  Phylogenetic Analysis and Karyotype Evolution in Two Species of Core Gruiformes: Aramides cajaneus and Psophia viridis.LinkIT
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6.  Systemic collapse of a host-parasite trematode network associated with wetland birds in Europe.LinkIT
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7.  Redescription of Quasiamidostomum Fulicae (Rudolphi, 1819) Lomakin, 1991 (Nematoda: Amidostomatidae), a Parasite of Fulica Atra (Gruiformes).LinkIT
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8.  Botulism in Wild Birds and Changes in Environmental Habitat: A Relationship to be Considered.LinkIT
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9.  Redescription and new records of Polymorphus trochus (Van Cleave, 1945)┬á(Polymorphida: Polymorphidae), in Mexico.LinkIT
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10.  Systematics, morphology and ecology of rails (Aves: Rallidae) of the Mascarene Islands, with one new species.LinkIT
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