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Broader Terms:
   Phaeophyceae (brown algae) 

More Specific:
   Acrocarpia paniculata 
   Acrocarpia robusta 
   Acystis heinii 
   Anthophycus longifolius 
   Ascophyllum nodosum (Yellow tang) 
   Ascophyllum nodosum lusitanica 
   Ascophyllum nodosum scorpioides 
   Axillariella constricta 
   Bifurcaria bifurcata 
   Bifurcaria brassicaeformis 
   Bifurcaria galapegensis 
   Bifurcariopsis capensis 
   Blossevillea retorta 
   Blossevillea retroflexa 
   Carpoglossum confluens 
   Carpophyllum angustifolium 
   Carpophyllum flexuosum 
   Carpophyllum macrophyllum 
   Carpophyllum maschalocarpum 
   Carpophyllum plumosum 
   Caulocystis cephalornithos 
   Caulocystis uvifera 
   Cladophyllum schnetteri 
   Coccophora langsdorfii 
   Cystophora botryocystis 
   Cystophora brownii 
   Cystophora congesta 
   Cystophora cuspidata 
   Cystophora cymodocea 
   Cystophora distenda 
   Cystophora expansa 
   Cystophora fibrosa 
   Cystophora gracilis 
   Cystophora grevillei 
   Cystophora harveyi 
   Cystophora intermedia 
   Cystophora monilifera 
   Cystophora moniliformis 
   Cystophora pectinata 
   Cystophora platylobium 
   Cystophora polycystidea 
   Cystophora racemosa 
   Cystophora racemosa reflexa 
   Cystophora retorta 
   Cystophora retroflexa 
   Cystophora scalaris 
   Cystophora siliquosa 
   Cystophora subfarcinata 
   Cystophora tenuis 
   Cystophora torulosa 
   Cystophora xiphocarpa 
   Cystophyllum hildebrandtii 
   Cystoseira abies-marina 
   Cystoseira algeriensis 
   Cystoseira amentacea 
   Cystoseira amentacea spicata 
   Cystoseira amentacea stricta 
   Cystoseira baccata 
   Cystoseira barbata 
   Cystoseira barbata aurantia 
   Cystoseira barbata flaccida 
   Cystoseira barbata insularum 
   Cystoseira barbata repens 
   Cystoseira barbatula 
   Cystoseira brachycarpa 
   Cystoseira brachycarpa balearica 
   Cystoseira brachycarpa claudiae 
   Cystoseira compressa 
   Cystoseira concatenata 
   Cystoseira corniculata 
   Cystoseira crassipes 
   Cystoseira crinita 
   Cystoseira crinita bosphorica 
   Cystoseira crinitophylla 
   Cystoseira discors latiramosa 
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Halidrys siliquosa

External Resources:

21.  Cytoprotective effect of seaweeds with high antioxidant activity from the Peniche coast (Portugal).LinkIT
Pinteus S, Silva J, Alves C, Horta A, Fino N, Rodrigues AI, Mendes S, Pedrosa R
Food chemistry, 2017

22.  ?-1,3-Glucans are components of brown seaweed (Phaeophyceae) cell walls.LinkIT
Raimundo SC, Pattathil S, Eberhard S, Hahn MG, Popper ZA
Protoplasma, 2017

23.  The variable routes of rafting: stranding dynamics of floating bull kelp Durvillaea antarctica (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) on beaches in the SE Pacific.LinkIT
López BA, Macaya EC, Tala F, Tellier F, Thiel M
Journal of phycology, 2017

24.  Phylogenetic Tree Analysis of the Cold-Hot Nature of Traditional Chinese Marine Medicine for Possible Anticancer Activity.LinkIT
Fu X, Song X, Li X, Wong KK, Li J, Zhang F, Wang C, Wang Z
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2017

25.  Novel rapid method for the characterisation of polymeric sugars from macroalgae.LinkIT
Spicer SE, Adams JMM, Thomas DS, Gallagher JA, Winters AL
Journal of applied phycology, 2017

26.  Seasonal population dynamics of Sargassum fusiforme (Fucales, Phaeophyta), Suo-Oshima Is., Seto Inland Sea, Japan-development processes of a stand characterized by high density and productivity.LinkIT
Yoshida G, Shimabukuro H
Journal of applied phycology, 2017

27.  Genetic variation in photosynthetic performance and tolerance to osmotic stress (desiccation, freezing, hyposalinity) in the rocky littoral foundation species Fucus vesiculosus (Fucales, Phaeophyceae).LinkIT
Rothäusler E, Sjöroos J, Heye K, Jormalainen V
Journal of phycology, 2016

28.  Complete plastid genome of an ecologically important brown alga Sargassum thunbergii (Fucales, Phaeophyceae).LinkIT
Yang JH, Graf L, Cho CH, Jeon BH, Kim JH, Yoon HS
Marine genomics, 2016

29.  Diversity and Temporal Dynamics of the Epiphytic Bacterial Communities Associated with the Canopy-Forming Seaweed Cystoseira compressa (Esper) Gerloff and Nizamuddin.LinkIT
Mancuso FP, D'Hondt S, Willems A, Airoldi L, De Clerck O
Frontiers in microbiology, 2016

30.  Intra-thallus differentiation of fatty acid and pigment profiles in some temperate Fucales and Laminariales.LinkIT
Schmid M, Stengel DB
Journal of phycology, 2015