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1.  Falsigemmobacter faecalis gen. nov. sp. nov., isolated from faeces of Rhinopithecus roxellanae, and reclassification of Gemmobacter intermedius as Falsigemmobacter intermedius comb. nov.LinkIT
Li G, Jiang Y, Li Q, Chen X, Jiang L, Zhang K, An D, Lang L, Han L, Huang X, Jiang C
Archives of microbiology, 2020

2.  Mitogenomic phylogeny of the Asian colobine genus Trachypithecus with special focus on Trachypithecus phayrei (Blyth, 1847) and description of a new species.LinkIT
Roos C, Helgen KM, Miguez RP, Thant NML, Lwin N, Lin AK, Lin A, Yi KM, Soe P, Hein ZM, Myint MNN, Ahmed T, Chetry D, Urh M, Veatch EG, Duncan N, Kamminga P, Chua MAH, Yao L, Matauschek C, Meyer D, Liu ZJ, Li M, Nadler T, Fan PF, Quyet LK, Hofreiter M, Zinner D, Momberg F
Zoological research, 2020

3.  Aegean monkeys and the importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration in archaeoprimatology: a reply to Urbani and Youlatos.LinkIT
Pareja MN, McKinney T, Setchell JM
Primates; journal of primatology, 2020

4.  Influence of habitat conditions on group size, social organization, and birth pattern of golden langur (Trachypithecus geei).LinkIT
Shil J, Biswas J, Kumara HN
Primates; journal of primatology, 2020

5.  Seasonal variation in the gut microbiota of rhesus macaques inhabiting limestone forests of southwest Guangxi, China.LinkIT
Li Y, Chen T, Liang J, Li Y, Huang Z
Archives of microbiology, 2020

6.  Mixed-species associations and attempted mating suggest hybridization between purple-faced and tufted gray langurs of Sri Lanka.LinkIT
Lu A, Sirimanna DGR, Wijayathunga L, Vandercone R, Salmi R
Primates; journal of primatology, 2020

7.  Three decades of Philippine nonhuman primate studies: research gaps and opportunities for Philippine primatology.LinkIT
Gamalo LE, Sabanal B, Ang A
Primates; journal of primatology, 2020

8.  Faecal DNA to the rescue: Shotgun sequencing of non-invasive samples reveals two subspecies of Southeast Asian primates to be Critically Endangered species.LinkIT
Ang A, Roesma DI, Nijman V, Meier R, Srivathsan A, Rizaldi
Scientific reports, 2020

9.  Data on First Record of Brown Morph Banded Langur (Presbytis femoralis), Leucistic Dusky Leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus) in Malaysia and Review of Morph Diversity in Langur (Colobinae).LinkIT
Najmuddin MF, Haris H, Othman N, Zahari F, Mohd-Ridwan AR, Md-Zain BM, Shahrool-Anuar R, Ayeb O, Othman I, Abdul-Latiff MAB
Data in brief, 2020

10.  Behavioral adjustments and support use of François' langur in limestone habitat in Fusui, China: Implications for behavioral thermoregulation.LinkIT
Li Y, Huang X, Huang Z
Ecology and evolution, 2020