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   Bacteria regnum 

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   Firmicutes str ikaite 
   Gram positive walls 
   environmental samples 
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Common Names: Gram-positive bacteria, low G+C Gram-positive bacteria, low GC Gram+

171.  Influence of Manure Application on the Soil Bacterial Microbiome in Integrated Crop-Livestock Farms in Maryland.LinkIT
Peng M, Tabashsum Z, Millner P, Parveen S, Biswas D
Microorganisms, 2021

172.  Exopolysaccharide Produced by Lactiplantibacillus plantarum-12 Alleviates Intestinal Inflammation and Colon Cancer Symptoms by Modulating the Gut Microbiome and Metabolites of C57BL/6 Mice Treated by Azoxymethane/Dextran Sulfate Sodium Salt.LinkIT
Ma F, Song Y, Sun M, Wang A, Jiang S, Mu G, Tuo Y
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

173.  Impact of the Age of Cecal Material Transfer Donors on Alzheimer's Disease Pathology in 5xFAD Mice.LinkIT
Valeri F, Dos Santos Guilherme M, He F, Stoye NM, Schwiertz A, Endres K
Microorganisms, 2021

174.  Genomic and Phenotypic Characteristics in Geographically Separated Clinical Campylobacter jejuni ST353CC Isolates.LinkIT
Johansson C, Kampmann C, Nilsson A, Dicksved J, Engstrand L, Rautelin H
Microorganisms, 2021

175.  Gastrointestinal Microbiota and Parasite-Fauna of Wild Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt, 1898 Captured at the South-Central Coast of Chile.LinkIT
Fernández I, de Los Ríos-Escalante P, Valenzuela A, Aguayo P, Smith CT, García-Cancino A, Sánchez-Alonso K, Oyarzún C, Campos VL
Microorganisms, 2021

176.  Insights into the Anaerobic Hydrolysis Process for Extracting Embedded EPS and Metals from Activated Sludge.LinkIT
Tonanzi B, Gallipoli A, Gianico A, Annesini MC, Braguglia CM
Microorganisms, 2021

177.  Nutraceuticals and Herbal Food Supplements for Weight Loss: Is There a Prebiotic Role in the Mechanism of Action?LinkIT
Bertuccioli A, Cardinali M, Biagi M, Moricoli S, Morganti I, Zonzini GB, Rigillo G
Microorganisms, 2021

178.  Correlation between Gut Microbiota and Six Facets of Neuroticism in Korean Adults.LinkIT
Park E, Yun KE, Kim MH, Kim J, Chang Y, Ryu S, Kim HL, Kim HN, Jung SC
Journal of personalized medicine, 2021

179.  Loss and Gain of Gut Bacterial Phylotype Symbionts in Afrotropical Stingless Bee Species (Apidae: Meliponinae).LinkIT
Tola YH, Waweru JW, Ndungu NN, Nkoba K, Slippers B, Paredes JC
Microorganisms, 2021

180.  Metataxonomic Analysis of Bacteria Entrapped in a Stalactite's Core and Their Possible Environmental Origins.LinkIT
Michail G, Karapetsi L, Madesis P, Reizopoulou A, Vagelas I
Microorganisms, 2021