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   Pteridophyta (ferns) 

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1.  The fossil Osmundales (Royal Ferns)-a phylogenetic network analysis, revised taxonomy, and evolutionary classification of anatomically preserved trunks and rhizomes.LinkIT
Bomfleur B, Grimm GW, McLoughlin S
PeerJ, 2017

2.  Continental scale patterns and predictors of fern richness and phylogenetic diversity.LinkIT
Nagalingum NS, Knerr N, Laffan SW, González-Orozco CE, Thornhill AH, Miller JT, Mishler BD
Frontiers in genetics, 2015

3.  Palynofloras from the upper Barremian-Aptian Nishihiro Formation (Outer Zone of southwest Japan) and the appearance of angiosperms in Japan.LinkIT
Legrand J, Yamada T, Nishida H
Journal of plant research, 2014

4.  Occurrence of the primary cell wall polysaccharide rhamnogalacturonan II in pteridophytes, lycophytes, and bryophytes. Implications for the evolution of vascular plants.LinkIT
Matsunaga T, Ishii T, Matsumoto S, Higuchi M, Darvill A, Albersheim P, O'Neill MA
Plant physiology, 2004

5.  Phylogenetic relationships within the fern genus Hymenophyllum s.l. (Hymenophyllaceae, Filicopsida): contribution of morphology and cytology.LinkIT
Hennequin S
Comptes rendus biologies, 2003

6.  Phylogenetic analysis of Asplenium subgenus Ceterach (Pteridophyta: Aspleniaceae) based on plastid and nuclear ribosomal ITS DNA sequences.LinkIT
Van den Heede CJ, Viane RL, Chase MW
American journal of botany, 2003

7.  rbcL data reveal two monophyletic groups of filmy ferns (Filicopsida: Hymenophyllaceae).LinkIT
Pryer KM, Smith AR, Hunt JS, Dubuisson JY
American journal of botany, 2001

8.  Phylogenetic inferences from chloroplast chlB gene sequences of Nephrolepis exaltata (Filicopsida), Ephedra altissima (Gnetopsida), and diverse land plants.LinkIT
Boivin R, Richard M, Beauseigle D, Bousquet J, Bellemare G
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 1996

Brownsey PJ
Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 1977