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31.  Substituted imidazole of 5-fluoro-2-[4-[(2-phenyl-1H-imidazol-5-yl)methyl]-1-piperazinyl]pyrimidine Inactivates cytochrome P450 2D6 by protein adduction.LinkIT
Nagy LD, Mocny CS, Diffenderfer LE, Hsi DJ, Butler BF, Arthur EJ, Fletke KJ, Palamanda JR, Nomeir AA, Furge LL
Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals, 2011

32.  MK-STYX, a catalytically inactive phosphatase regulating mitochondrially dependent apoptosis.LinkIT
Niemi NM, Lanning NJ, Klomp JA, Tait SW, Xu Y, Dykema KJ, Murphy LO, Gaither LA, Xu HE, Furge KA, Green DR, MacKeigan JP
Molecular and cellular biology, 2011

33.  Nuclear expression of MATK is a novel marker of type II enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma.LinkIT
Tan SY, Ooi AS, Ang MK, Koh M, Wong JC, Dykema K, Ngeow J, Loong S, Gatter K, Tan L, Lim LC, Furge K, Tao M, Lim ST, Loong F, Cheah PL, Teh BT
Leukemia, 2011

34.  MEK2 is sufficient but not necessary for proliferation and anchorage-independent growth of SK-MEL-28 melanoma cells.LinkIT
Lee CS, Dykema KJ, Hawkins DM, Cherba DM, Webb CP, Furge KA, Duesbery NS
PloS one, 2011

35.  Deregulation of E2-EPF ubiquitin carrier protein in papillary renal cell carcinoma.LinkIT
Roos FC, Evans AJ, Brenner W, Wondergem B, Klomp J, Heir P, Roche O, Thomas C, Schimmel H, Furge KA, Teh BT, Th√ľroff JW, Hampel C, Ohh M
The American journal of pathology, 2011

36.  Exome sequencing identifies frequent mutation of the SWI/SNF complex gene PBRM1 in renal carcinoma.LinkIT
Varela I, Tarpey P, Raine K, Huang D, Ong CK, Stephens P, Davies H, Jones D, Lin ML, Teague J, Bignell G, Butler A, Cho J, Dalgliesh GL, Galappaththige D, Greenman C, Hardy C, Jia M, Latimer C, Lau KW, Marshall J, McLaren S, Menzies A, Mudie L, Stebbings L, Largaespada DA, Wessels LF, Richard S, Kahnoski RJ, Anema J, Tuveson DA, Perez-Mancera PA, Mustonen V, Fischer A, Adams DJ, Rust A, Chan-on W, Subimerb C, Dykema K, Furge K, Campbell PJ, Teh BT, Stratton MR, Futreal PA
Nature, 2011

37.  Chromosomal amplification of leucine-rich repeat kinase-2 (LRRK2) is required for oncogenic MET signaling in papillary renal and thyroid carcinomas.LinkIT
Looyenga BD, Furge KA, Dykema KJ, Koeman J, Swiatek PJ, Giordano TJ, West AB, Resau JH, Teh BT, MacKeigan JP
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2011

38.  Genetic and structural variation in the gastric cancer kinome revealed through targeted deep sequencing.LinkIT
Zang ZJ, Ong CK, Cutcutache I, Yu W, Zhang SL, Huang D, Ler LD, Dykema K, Gan A, Tao J, Lim S, Liu Y, Futreal PA, Grabsch H, Furge KA, Goh LK, Rozen S, Teh BT, Tan P
Cancer research, 2011

39.  Birt-Hogg-Dub√© renal tumors are genetically distinct from other renal neoplasias and are associated with up-regulation of mitochondrial gene expression.LinkIT
Klomp JA, Petillo D, Niemi NM, Dykema KJ, Chen J, Yang XJ, Sääf A, Zickert P, Aly M, Bergerheim U, Nordenskjöld M, Gad S, Giraud S, Denoux Y, Yonneau L, Méjean A, Vasiliu V, Richard S, MacKeigan JP, Teh BT, Furge KA
BMC medical genomics, 2010

40.  Comparative gene expression profiling analysis of urothelial carcinoma of the renal pelvis and bladder.LinkIT
Zhang Z, Furge KA, Yang XJ, Teh BT, Hansel DE
BMC medical genomics, 2010