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   Annelida (annelids) 
   Echiura (echiuran worms) 
   Mollusca (molluscs) 
   Sipuncula (sipunculan worms) 
Latest Articles on Eutrochozoa from uBioRSS

1.  Fundamental properties of the spiralian developmental program are displayed by the basal nemertean Carinoma tremaphoros (Palaeonemertea, Nemertea).LinkIT
Maslakova SA, Martindale MQ, Norenburg JL
Developmental biology, 2004

2.  Reconnecting cell and animal lineages: what do cell lineages tell us about the evolution and development of Spiralia?LinkIT
Guralnick RP, Lindberg DR
Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 2001

3.  Complete sequence of the mitochondrial genome of the tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta: gene arrangements indicate that Platyhelminths are Eutrochozoans.LinkIT
von Nickisch-Rosenegk M, Brown WM, Boore JL
Molecular biology and evolution, 2001

4.  Phylogenetic relationships of annelids, molluscs, and arthropods evidenced from molecules and morphology.LinkIT
Kim CB, Moon SY, Gelder SR, Kim W
Journal of molecular evolution, 1996

5.  Aplacophora as Progenetic Aculiferans and the Coelomate Origin of Mollusks as the Sister Taxon of Sipuncula.LinkIT
Scheltema AH
The Biological bulletin, 1993